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* [[Status|Main Status Page]]
* [[Status|Main Status Page]]
* [[Technical_Reference|Technical Reference Page]]
* [[Technical_Reference|Technical Reference Page]]
* [[OpenSim_Archives|OpenSim Archives (OAR)]]
* [[OAR_Format| What is OAR Format?]
* [[OpenSim_Archives|How to use OpenSim Archives (OAR)]]
* [[OAR format 0.1 | OAR format 0.1]]
* [[OAR format 0.1 | OAR format 0.1]]
* [[OAR format 0.2]]
* [[OAR format 0.2]]

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Technical Reference -> Terms -> OAR Format


The region OpenSim Archives (OAR) format is designed with three aims in mind

  1. Make it easy for people to read and write different OpenSim files within an archive.
  2. Make it easy to compose two region archives into a single region archive.
  3. Make it easy to compose archives from scratch.

Therefore, all the different entities (assets, objects, terrains, etc.) are packaged in individual files (e.g. one for each asset) with human readable filenames and machine readable extensions (e.g. .jp2 for textures, .txt for notecards).


OAR format 0.1

OAR format 0.2

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