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RealXtend have had it's own OpenSimulator fork running for a long time, but that's all changing now(thanks to the devs). Anyway, it's really in alpha-state atm, so don't expect anything to run yet. This tutorial is just a description how it 'might' work, considering the fact I don't have it running myself yet ;)


If you're on windows, download the module from the forge, and compile using visual studio. For linux, check out the tracker item containing a prebuild.xml . With the prebuild file, you can make a nant build file using something like:

mono ../../bin/Prebuild.exe /target nant

Make sure you have a directory structure like: /myopensimdir/modrex/ModularRex, where myopensimdir contains a bin directory

From here, you have to launch the authentication service and the avatarstorage service. Now run OpenSim.exe and watch the module get loaded. From here...I dont have a clue :-)

Don't know how to login with the realxtend client from here. Anyone?

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