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ModRex with mesh support, running on Linux

ModRex is a joint effort between RealXtend and OpenSim developers to make it possible to join the RealXtend viewer to the OpenSim codebase. The RealXtend viewer employs the open source OGRE 3D engine and differs from the Linden Lab viewer (LLviewer) in several ways. The most distinct difference is in the new rendering potential offered by OGRE. When using RealXtend as a viewer for OpenSim, one obtains real-time shadows, improved lighting simulation, and more importantly, the OGRE mesh. The mesh is hierarchical (multiple meshes and sub-meshes) and can include a skeleton for defining avatar motion and dynamics.

ModRex is important to the OpenSim community mainly because, like the base opensim code base itself, the RealXtend viewer is open source and breaks away from some of the key contraints imposed by the LLviewer, such as inability to create meshes, shadows, realistic avatars, and advanced lighting effects. ModRex while not part of the viewer, is the glue that connects the viewer to the opensim trunk code.

and a to illustrate some of the mesh and lighting effects in the viewer:

To use ModRex, you need the following:



First launch realXtend authentication and avatar storage servers. You can download them from SourceForge project page. Documentation for these servers can be found from realXtend user documentation wiki.

After successfully launching authentication and avatar storage server, build ModreX according to instructions in realXtend wiki. To configure ModreX follow the instructions in this wiki page.

If any bugs occur, please report them to ModreX bug tracker. Note that to run realXtend 0.4 series viewer on Linux, you need to follow these instructions.

Known Issues

  • Some parts of the LLViewer interface do not yet exist in the RealXtend viewer. This is related to ModRex not allowing the viewer to set or retrieve certain data.
  • Inter-mesh collisions not yet implemented, although avatar w/ primitive collisions work
  • Shift-copied Objects may loose their texture after a sim restart

Recent Fixes

  • Multiregion Support with RexQueue
  • Multiple standalones on one machine supported
  • NHibernate-db supports mysql, sqlite and mssql2005. Meshes are persistent
  • Mesh collisions with primitives work
  • Python scripting works for the most part (some functions are not working yet)
  • Shift-copy keeps mesh as primdata
  • OpenSim library useable now
  • Avatar is stored, but appearance changes only after viewer restart
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