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ModRex is a joint effort between RealXtend and OpenSim devs to make OpenSim aware of RealXtend specific functionality. It will not only enable the best of both worlds, but also speeds up the development of a solid standard for virtual worlds.

ModRex with mesh support, running on Linux

This is still pre-alpha code, so some features may not work.



mkdir /opt/opensim opt/opensim/simulator /opt/opensim/authentication /opt/opensim/avatarstorage /opt/opensim/builds
cd /opt/opensim/builds/8218
svn co . 
mkdir modrex modrex/build
cp -R bin/*.dll modrex/build
cd modrex
svn checkout .
cd ModularRex
vi prebuild.xml
  • Change each ../../../bin to ../../build, and each ../../bin to ../build, save and exit
mono ../../bin/Prebuild.exe /target monodev
  • Open /opt/opensim/builds/8218/OpenSim.sln with MonoDevelop
  • Add existing project > modrex/ModularRex/RexFramework/ModularRex.RexFramework.mdp
  • Add existing project > modrex/ModularRex/NHibernate/ModularRex.NHibernate.mdp
  • Add existing project > modrex/ModularRex/RexOdePlugin/ModularRex.RexOdePlugin.mdp
  • Add existing project > modrex/ModularRex/ModularRex.mdp
  • Change the runtime version for these projects to mono 3.5
  • Replace the broken OpenSim reference in the ModularRex project with the equally named OpenSim project
  • Replace the broken OpenSim.Region.Physics.Meshing and OpenSim.Region.Physics.OdePlugin references in the RexOdePlugin project with the equally named OpenSim projects
  • Build the modularRex projects. If no errors occured, The dll's are stored in /opt/opensim/builds/8218/modrex/build
cp /opt/opensim/builds/8218/modrex/build/ModularRex.* /opt/opensim/builds/8218/bin
  • Copy python-engine dependencies
 cp -R /opt/opensim/builds/8218/modrex/ModularRex/RexParts/RexPython/Resources/* /opt/opensim/builds/8218/bin/ScriptEngines
cd /opt/opensim/builds/8218/bin
cp OpenSim.ini.example OpenSim.ini
  • edit OpenSim.ini, and add this:
;This goes under [startup]
rex_python = true
enabled = true
db_connectionstring = "MySQLDialect;MySqlDataDriver;Data Source=localhost;Database=opensim;User ID=root;Password=mypw;"
  • Copy the modrex enabled OpenSimulator to the production dir
cp -R /opt/opensim/builds/8218/* /opt/opensim/simulator
  • Download and build the authentication service
svn co /opt/opensim/authentication
cd /opt/opensim/authentication
mono bin/Prebuild.exe /target nant
  • Create a mysql database "authentication"
cd bin
mono Authentication.exe 
  • Setup authentication
MySql_SqlHandler.dll (or SQLite_SqlHandler.dll. MySql_SqlHandler.dll gives not implemented messages but seems to work ok)
<enter>(logging enabled=False)
<enter>(def. region x 1000)
<enter>(def. region y 1000)
<enter>(default gridurl
<enter>(default dns)
<enter>(dbname authentication)
<enter>(dbuser root)
*******(dbpw for root) (httpsettings LAN-IP)

The authentication daemon should run by now

  • Download and build the avatarstorage service
svn co /opt/opensim/avatarstorage
cd /opt/opensim/avatarstorage
bin/Prebuild.exe /target nant
  • Create a database "avatarstorage"
cd bin
mono AvatarStorage.exe
  • Setup avatarstorage
<enter>(Inventory True)
<enter>(logging_enabled False)
avatarstorage (dbname)
<enter>(dbuser root)
********(dbpw root) (httpsettings LAN-IP)
<enter>(http port 10000)
<enter>(ssl False)

The avatarstorage daemon should run by now

  • You can use this rex serverscript to manage and start the services(uses screen)

Most important screen-commands are:

screen -list (shows screen sessions)
screen -r screenname (attaches to the screensession)
ctrl-a + d (detaches from the screensession)
  • Create a user in the authentication screenconsole
create user

the 'Account' part is the first part in your rex-username(account@myauthenticationdaemonuri)

  • Check in the Simulator console if everything started up the way its supposed to

Once the three services are running, an initial user was made, fire up the realXtend client with wine and login.

Known Quirks

  • Shift-copy a mesh leaves a prim behind
  • Avatar is stored, but appearance changes only after viewer restart

Recent Fixes

  • NHibernate-db supports mysql, sqlite and mssql2005. Meshes are persistant
  • Mesh collisions work
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