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  1. This is a title blacklist. Titles and users that match a regular expression here cannot be created.
  2. Use "#" for comments.
  3. This is case insensitive by default
  4. If you want to create a page including these words in their title, please contact Makopoppo or any administrators.

.*bitcoin.* .*boot.* .*BRIC.* .*casino.* .*certification.* .*cigarette.* .*dress.* .*e\s*book.* .*gold.* .*home.* .*hvac.* .*insurance.* .*internet.* .*loan.* .*louboutin.* .*on[- ]*line.* .*outdoor.* .*penis.* .*poker.* .*runescape.* .*salt.* .*school.* .*seo\s+.* .*shoe.* .*shopping.* .*signature.* .*solution.* .*student.* .*success.* .*UGG.* .*vuitton.* .*weight.*(loss|problem).* .*\d+mc*g.* .*(\w\d|\d\w).* <newaccountonly|errmsg=If you really need to create your account with this name, please contact any administrators>

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