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The OpenSimulator Project is a BSD Licensed Open Source Application Platform which can be used for creating immersive 3D Virtual Interactive Environments such as a Virtual world. Out of the box, the OpenSim can be used to create a Second Life like environment, able to run in a standalone mode or connected to other OpenSim instances through built in grid technology. It can also easily be extended to produce more specialized 3D interactive applications.

OpenSim is written in C#, and can run under Mono or the Microsoft .NET runtimes. Due to its open source and modular nature it is possible to extend function yourself via plugin modules to suit your application.

OpenSim is currently in the alpha development stage, with active testing of SVN trunk versions encouraged. Please read our Contributions Policy before contributing, and to learn what OpenSim's values are.


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Participating in the OpenSim Community

OpenSim is an open source project. This means that it is developed by anyone who wants to participate. This could be you! We welcome testers and developers alike.

  • Contributions Policy - Read about the contribution policy before contributing to the OpenSim project

Getting online

There are several public grids and several standalone arrays running 24/7. For the casual user as well as those who want to run their own public regions, there is a list of available sims at OpenSim: Grids. Most of these grids have representation on the #opensim chat channel for asking and answering questions.

While OpenSim is not affiliated with any one grid there are many prominent Grids.



  • IRC-Support - You can receive/give help via the IRC channels

Mailing lists

Various mailing lists are available for communication between users and developers. A list is available to subscribe to email SVN commit notifications.


  • Custom osFunction Ideas wanted

OpenSim's own scripting team is accepting ideas/requests/wishlists for custom functions. Have a look at the full list over here.

You can browse older news items at the news archive.

OpenSim Development

Recent SVN Commits

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Current Version is 0.5. The OpenSim Team is currently working towards the 0.6 release of OpenSim. See the Roadmap for details.

For more information on OpenSim development and on how you can make your mark, check out the development section.


Please use the SecondLife official client on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows- third party viewers and modified viewers add more variables to a bug, making it harder to track down. The bug may not even be an OpenSim one! Make sure you use only the official client. See notes on configuring your client over at the client setup page.

You can report bugs at the Mantis bugtracker.

Note: Some email providers are tagging Mantis emails as spam. If you sign up for a Mantis Account and don't get a confirmation email:

  • Check your spam folder, see if it is there. GMail is consistently tagging these as spam.
  • If you are using Yahoo, you'll need to wait ~ 8 hrs to receive any email from

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