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OpenSim is a BSD Licensed Open Source project to develop a functioning virtual worlds server platform capable of supporting multiple clients and servers in a heterogeneous grid structure. OpenSim is written in C#, and can run under Mono or the Microsoft .NET runtimes.


Latest News

Custom osFunction Ideas wanted

  • OpenSim's own scripting team is accepting ideas/requests/wishlists for custom functions. LSL_osFunctions

Client vs. Bug report issues lately


  • If you plan to bug report.
  • If you talk about bugs in IRC.
  • If you have things that hurt the experience you have in OpenSim.

use the preferred client version.

We are using the secondlife official client on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows so as to unify the issues and make it easier to narrow down bugs.

IRC move

We are in the process of moving the IRC channel we use (#opensim) from EFNET to Freenode. If you can't find us on EFNET, get yourself over to Freenode! (There's also an #opensim-dev channel, also on Freenode, for those who are interested in digging into the guts of the code.)


There's a newly set up OpenSim features list that lists key, and notable, features.

OpenSim 0.4.5 Released!

The OpenSim team is happy to announce the first alpha release of OpenSim, version 0.4.5. This release focuses on stand-alone mode (with one or more regions). Some stuff works, a lot doesn't. If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

Stuff that works:

  • standalone mode with one or more regions
  • basic physics (no object collisions)
  • persistence of users, prims, assets, and inventory via sqlite
  • basic building, custom-texture uploads
  • avatar editing
  • See OpenSim: Testing

More advanced physics, in-world scripting, grid mode, and support for other database backends are not supported in this release, though they may work from time-to-time before crashing with an earth-shattering kaboom! All of these are under active development, and are being worked on for the 0.5.0 release.

Source distributions in both .tar.gz and .zip can be found at the OpenSim Downloads site.

Getting Started with OpenSim

OpenSim Development

The OpenSim Team is currently working towards the 0.5 release of OpenSim. See the Roadmap for details.

Top 10 bugs we are working on Top 10 Bugs are a dynamic list of those bugs that affect forward progress.

Recent Changes

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Handy Documentation

Participating in the OpenSim Community

OpenSim is an open source project. This means that it is developed by anyone who wants to participate. This could be you! We welcome testers and developers alike. Please see the Contributions Policy for more details.

If you need help or want to help the best way to get in touch is IRC (chat network). There is a lot of activity there every day.

Getting online

There are several public grids and several standalone arrays running 24/7. For the casual user as well as those who want to run their own public regions, there is a list of available sims at OpenSim: Grids. Most of these grids have representation on the #opensim chat channel for asking and answering questions.

The OpenSim developers hold office hours once a week in-world on Tuesdays at "Wright Plaza" on OSGrid.

There is a "Test Hour" on Saturdays, also generally on "Wright Plaza". Both these weekly events are held at 11:00AM PST or 1900UTC.

Again, check on the #opensim IRC channel on Freenode just before each of these events if there is any confusion.


IRC on FreeNode, channel #OpenSim. Download an IRC client like X-Chat (or here for Windows) and go to FreeNode (server, channel #OpenSim. If you have Firefox, you can also use the Chatzilla IRC client (In the menu, Tools > Chatzilla). If you already have an IRC client installed you can just follow this link.

  • Server:
  • Channel: #opensim

Mailing lists

Source Code

You can browse the source code for opensim at OpenSim SVN browser

Anonymous Checkout

svn co

Developer Checkout

svn co svn+ssh://


Please use the SecondLife official client on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows so as to unify the issues and make it easier to narrow down bugs.

You can report bugs at the Mantis opensim bug tracker.

Note: Some email providers are tagging Mantis emails as spam. If you sign up for a Mantis Account and don't get a confirmation email:

  • Check your spam folder, see if it is there. GMail is consistently tagging these as spam.
  • If you are using yahoo, you'll need to wait ~ 8 hrs to receive any email from

Other languages

You can also see this wiki in these other languages: Spanish | German | French | Italian | ...

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