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** [[OpenSim: Development Team]]
** [[OpenSim: Development Team]]
** [[OpenSim: Class Diagrams]]
** [[OpenSim: Class Diagrams]]
** [[LlFunction_implementation_status]]
** [[OpenSim: Scripting]]
* Development Documentation
* Development Documentation

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This is the top level page for the OpenSim wiki. The links below are to various pages useful in obtaining, compiling and running OpenSim on both Windows & Linux.

  • Development Documentation

Virtually all the action is on IRC at the moment. We are on and the channel is #opensim. Link

The official website for OpenSim can be found at

The mailing lists are in the process of moving to another server. The archives are available for OpenSim-Dev and OpenSim-Commits.

You can browse the source code for opensim at OpenSim SVN browser (currently broken - use svn directly - svn co svn://

Report bugs at the Mantis opensim bug tracker

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