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=== All Issues ===
=== All Issues ===

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[edit] lsSetWindlightScene

[edit] Function

integer lsSetWindlightScene(list rules);

Set a list of Windlight settings in the scene to new values

[edit] Caveats

The list used by this function cannot be passed directly from lsGetWindlightScene without triggering C# exceptions from the Simulator.

LightShare must be enabled in the Simulator.

This script function is restricted to the region owner only.

[edit] Examples

list settings = [ WL_WATER_COLOR, <4.000000,38.000000,64.000000> ];
  integer success;
  default {
    state_entry() {
      success = lsSetWindlightScene(settings);
      if ( success == TRUE ) {
      } else {

[edit] Notes

Rules contain pairs of data in the form of the parameter followed by the value to set.

Setting new parameters with this function commits the new changes to the regionwindlight database table immediately.

Excessive use of this function can cause unnecessary database requests.

Use lsSetWindlightSceneTargeted if you wish to avoid database loading with this function.

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