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=== All Issues ===
=== All Issues ===

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[edit] lsGetWindlightScene

[edit] Function

list lsGetWindlightScene(list rules);

Get a list of the current Windlight settings in the scene

An empty rules list will return an empty result list.

[edit] Caveats

The list returned by this function cannot be passed directly to lsSetWindlightScene without triggering C# exceptions from the Simulator.

[edit] Examples

list rules_to_get = [ WL_WATER_COLOR ];
list settings;
  default {
    state_entry() {
      settings = lsGetWindlightScene(rules_to_get);
      llOwnerSay("Water color is: "+llList2String(settings,1));

Water color is: <4.000000,38.000000,64.000000>

[edit] Notes

Returned rules contain pairs of data in the form of the parameter requested followed by the current value. In the example above, the request returns [ 0, <4.000000,38.000000,64.000000> ] when used with default LightShare settings in a region.

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