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Load Oar Console Command

Once you have saved regions in OAR files, the 'load oar' console command will load the OAR file into the current region. There are many parameters that enable replacing the region's current contents or merging the OAR file's contents with the objects and terrain already in the region.


The load oar command has the format:

load oar [parameters] OARFILE

where "OARFILE" is the path to the OAR file to read in, and "[parameters]" is zero or more optional parameters from the following list:

--merge Specify to merge the contents of the reading OAR with the existing contents in the region.

Notes On Regions of Different Sizes

Example Uses

Replacing a region's contents with what's in an OAR file

Merging together two region's worth of contents

Loading a 256x256 region's contents into the middle of a 512x512 sized region

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