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Since Linux-servers are cheaper(free), easier to customize and cheaper to scale, this tutorial will be focussed on linux. Most of it will work for Windoze-users too though.


Recommended Software and Versions

  • Mono 1.9.1
  • OpenSSH
  • Nant

Step 1: Create a suitable production direction structure

cd /opt
mkdir opensim opensim/production opensim/builds opensim/scripts opensim/library/ opensim/source opensim/backup

Step 2: Get the software

We are going to install the latest and greatest opensim svn-server from the svn-trunk.

cd /opt/opensim/builds
svn info

Now get the revision-number(4523 at the moment), and make a directory for it...

mkdir 4487
cd 4487
svn co .

Step 3: Setup a first run

  • We first build the binaries now
sh ./
  • I hope for you that the build will be succesful. If not, check out your mono-version and check out if all dependencies are available. Now we copy the build to the production directory
cd bin
cp -R * /opt/opensim/production
  • Prepare the configuration-files
cd /opt/opensim/production
cp OpenSim.ini.example OpenSim.ini
cp mysql_connection.ini.example mysql_connection.ini
  • Setup mysql-storage in OpenSim.ini and mysql_connection.ini
  • Run the iptables-script, to fix the router-loopback issue
  • Edit /etc/hosts.allow, and make sure it allows the service you are running (OpenSim thinks localhost is your LAN-IP, not the loopback-device). It should look something like:
ALL : 192.168.1. localhost
sshd: ALL

  • Testrun opensim by executing it:
mono /opt/opensim/production/bin/OpenSim.exe

You will be asked to enter some initial settings. Just hit enter all the time, until the default region is served... You can try connecting the secondlife client by launching the executable like this:

/pathtoslclient/secondlife -loginuri http://localhost:9000 -loginpage http://localhost:9000/?method=login

Step 3:Adding custom textures

Check out Inworld Data

See also Ogltree_Install_Instructions

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