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* .NET 2.0
* .NET 2.0
See also [[Ogltree_Install_Instructions Ogltree's Install Instructions]]
See also [[Ogltree_Install_Instructions]]
==Step 1: Install the software==
==Step 1: Install the software==

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Recommended Versions

  • Mono (.5.1 is unstable!)
  • .NET 2.0

See also Ogltree_Install_Instructions

Step 1: Install the software

We are going to install the opensim server(0.5 stable) in the /opt directory from the terminal...

su root
cd /opt
svn co opensim

Step 2: Binary/Library preparation

  • We build opensim, and create the proper directory structure for future updates...
cd opensim
sh ./
  • After a succesful build, we are going to create additional directories...
mkdir library
mkdir production
mv OpenSim production
mv bin production
  • Testrun opensim by executing it:
mono /opt/opensim/production/bin/OpenSim.exe

You will be asked to enter some initial settings. Just hit enter all the time, until the default region is served... You can try connecting the secondlife client by launching the executable like this:

/pathtoslclient/secondlife -loginuri http://localhost:9000 -loginpage http://localhost:9000/?method=login

Step 3:Adding custom textures

Check out Inworld Data

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