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This page is for those who want to flesh out the LSL ScriptEngine. The file you modify is Grid/ScriptEngine/DotNetEngine/Compiler/Server_API/LSL_BuiltIn_Commands.cs.

This page is always under construction and perpetually being updated, don't consider the info here to be 100% updated or correct. If you find a feature that works that is not listed as "working" here. Please fully test it out and update it here or make a note that it is working and ready to be tested, if you can't test it.


Latest LSL News

  • OpenSim's own scripting team is accepting ideas/requests/wishlists for custom functions.
  • Some notes on converting LSL:PrimitiveParams to OpenSim PrimitiveBaseShape
  • Currently LSL is in a state of uncertainty based off the recent LibSL fiasco.
  • Once that is smoothed out, all LSL that previously tested fine, will be retested.
  • Because of the aforementioned issues, these numbers here likely lie.

LSL Status | Quick Progress Guide

Script tests




Kan-Ed Tests

OpenSim Kan-Ed Tests

Kan-Ed Test reference (Link actually not working please update..)

Old version through

Note: Link dead and no existence of these scripts on the Kan-Ed site as of 3/25/08. Please use the included examples on this wiki for reference at this point.


OpenSim LSL-Types Status


OpenSim LSL-Events Status


OpenSim LSL-Functions Status

Known Issues

The list memory hack shown below is not supported. See [Mantis 3187].

list foo = [ "foo" ];
foo = (foo=[]) + foo + [ "bar" ];

See Bug Tracker for status updates.

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