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What is the current LSL/OSSL Status?


This page is for those who want to flesh out the LSL ScriptEngine. The file you modify is OpenSim/Region/ScriptEngine/Shared/Api/Implementation/LSL_Api.cs.

This page is always under construction and perpetually being updated, don't consider the info here to be 100% updated or correct. If you find a feature that works that is not listed as "working" here, Please fully test it out and update it here or make a note that it is working and ready to be tested, if you can't test it.

LSL/OSSL Status | Quick Progress Guide

Script tests

LSL-Types Status

LSL-Events Status

LSL-Functions Status

Latest LSL News

  • 2 events, 7 functions missing from LSL.
  • Some notes on converting LSL:PrimitiveParams to OpenSimulator PrimitiveBaseShape

Latest OSSL News

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