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This page explains how to install, update and uninstall 3rd-party addins for the simulator server in a systematic way. 3rd-party addins are packages created around region modules, possibly with additional external libraries and resources, that extend the simulator with additional functionality. Examples are ossearch (the simulator part), MISearch images, assorted money modules, etc.

Registry Location

Before you start using managed addins, it is important that you think carefully about where you want to keep them. Internally, OpenSim uses its own addins, and it installs the addin database under its bin folder. If you don't change anything, 3rd-party addins will be placed there too. Depending on what process you have in place for updating OpenSim, this may cause you trouble: if your process includes deleting the entire bin folder and replacing with a new one, that process will also delete your 3rd-party addins, and you will have to reinstall them again.

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