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Apologies, this is another page that is currently far from complete. However, see Hypergrid Security for more discussion on some of these configuration settings.


StandaloneCommon.ini or Robust.HG.ini/Robust.ini


Home URI

Gatekeeper URI

Address of the gatekeeper service by which external installations can contact this simulator. Also needs to be set to resolve Hypergrid addresses.



If set to false, then foreign agents are not allowed to enter the installation, though local users should still be able to go to foreign destinations and return.

Default is true.


If ForeignAgentsAllowed is set to true, prevent foreign agents from specific sources from Hypergridding to the installation.


If ForeignAgentsAllowed is set to false, whitelist specific sources to enter the installation.



Controls whether hypergrid links can be made to external installations. Default is false.

If this is true then GatekeeperURI must also be set either here or in the [Hypergrid] section.


Governs whether the simulator will resolve Hypergrid addresses entered in the map.



Controls whether a user with the given <Userlevel> can hypergrid to foreign installations. This must be set separately for each level (e.g. 0 for ordinary users, 200 for gods).

Default is true for unspecified levels.


If ForeignTripsAllowed is false for a given level, they can still travel to the foreign installations whitelisted here.


If ForeignTripsAllowed is true for a given level, blacklist certain installations that they cannot travel to.

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