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Sorry, page under constructions. At the moment just some notes on how friends work over the Hypergrid -- Justincc (talk) 23:46, 7 January 2015 (UTC)


Class Summary


Class Name Interfaces Description
Friends.HGFriendsModule IFriendsModule, IFriendsSimConnector, ISharedRegionModule Extends and replaces FriendsModule. Accessed via Scene.RequestModuleInterface<IFriendsModule>() and Scene.RequestModuleInterface<IFriendsSimConnector>(). Performs HG specific friend functions such as forwarding friendship requests and caching.
Friends.HGStatusNotifier None Helps manage HG friend status notifications.


Class Name Interfaces Description
HGFriendsService IHGFriendsService Provides the friends service accessed by foreign grids.

Random Notes


  1. Offering a friendship whilst on another grid to an avatar of that grid.
  2. Returning to home grid, the "Please confirm this friendship you made while you were away." message originates from HGFriendsModule.FriendshipMessages().
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