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Name: OSGrid
Website: (1)
Login URI: -loginuri -loginpage -helperuri (2)
Wiki/Forum: Wiki Page about OSGrid
OSGrid forum
Approx # Regions 7,178
Approx # Users 64,296
Logins/day 3,280

OSGrid has been in continuous operation since July 22 2007. Currently the oldest and Largest Active OpenSimulator grid.

There is no charge to connect sims to the grid in any quantity.

We only provide the basic infrastructure and your group can build their own community.

Homestead land is free.

There are "HyperGrid" regions on OSGrid and more are encouraged.

There are freebie areas on the plazas with objects for all.

Talk to us on on the IRC channel #osgrid or #opensim.

Sims are all owned by individuals, companies, universities [except the community plazas, which are owned by all].

We are providing testing of OpenSimulator deployment and have a robust community.

The -loginpage argument is used to see the OSGrid page of regions and news when logging in.

The -helperuri (with the trailing slash) enables the prototype currency module.

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