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= See Also =
= See Also =
* [[:Category:Getting_Started|Getting Started]]
* [[Status|Main Status Page]]
* [[Technical_Reference|Technical Reference Page]]
* [[Grid_List/Sorted/Alphabetically|Grid List (Sorted Alphabetically)]]
* [[Grid_List/Sorted/Alphabetically|Grid List (Sorted Alphabetically)]]
* [[Grid_List/Sorted/ByRegions|Grid List (Sorted By # of Regions)]]
* [[Grid_List/Sorted/ByRegions|Grid List (Sorted By # of Regions)]]
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* [ Grid List (Sorted By Unique 30 days)]
* [ Grid List (Sorted By Unique 30 days)]
* [[Grid_List/Sorted/ByHistory|Grid List (Sorted By History)]]
* [[Grid_List/Sorted/ByHistory|Grid List (Sorted By History)]]
* [[:Category:Getting_Started|Getting Started]]
* [[Status|Main Status Page]]
* [[Technical_Reference|Technical Reference Page]]

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Technical Reference -> Grid List

What is the Grid List?


At the moment there are a number of sims which we try to keep up 24x7, minus the upgrade times, etc. Remember - there are no guarantees at the moment on the backups of the inventories, landscape, etc. So, treat this as you would treat the beta grid at most. In order to login with opensim-links, you will need to install OpenSim Launcher or add a protocol handler to your browser. Otherwise you could simply create a custom shortcut with the right parameters to your Second Life browser.

Public grids

IMPORTANT NOTE:The OpenSimulator Project is an Application Platform that can be used by anyone. It is not responsible for any grid listed on this page, nor for any grid's content or activities within them. Grid List Policy: Please only list your grid if your software is based on SVN software code, all other grids will be removed and also please provide a link on your grid website back to this project website, remember link recognition is a two-way street.

If you own a grid and are interested in joining a grid association see this page: Grid Associations

Public grids require you to create an account on their website, which you can then use to log into the grid.

These grids are listed in the order of their appearance, anyone found inserting a grid up higher in the list will have their entry removed, please add your entry to the very bottom of the list, this is not negotiable.

The gridlist entries in the main list should just contain the gridname and the plain numbers as defined by the column headers. Please use this template for the subpages to keep the information in a comparable manner. Thanks a lot.

Public Grid List Sorted Alphabetically, By # of Regions, By # of Users, By Unique 30 days, By History

Name Approx # Regions Approx # Users Unique last 30days
OSGrid 2200 16600 2700 ~17 ~350  
NexTECH Life      
Francogrid ~170 ~800  
EU-Grid ~10 ~350  
Le Monde de Darwin 73 83 36
GiantGrid 169 261 157
The New World Grid ~262 ~2089 ~389
3rd Rock Grid      
WorldSimTerra ~95 ~780 ~465
Cyberlandia 185 ~1600 ~269
Metropolis 29 ~340  
Emerald Network 9 ~56  
Avatar Hangout 151 1812 578
German Grid      
DGP Grid      
Fantasy World Estates      
RMH Design Estate      
OpenSimulator-Club (HomeGrid, ProfiGrid)      
United Grid      
Social Network Italia 24 500 100
Nedergrid 3 17  
ReactionGrid 143 1511 346
Legend City Online 164 4412 600
A Future Life (CLOSED)
pseudospace 12 ~46  
YourGrid 68 ~110 33
PhoenixSim 5 18 14
VirtualSims.Net 10 73  
Collateral World (CLOSED) 4 1 1
Grid4Us 22 130 50
Metapocalypse 2 6 6
FreshGrid(casino games)      
OpenKansai 9 120 100
Schweiz 5 50 10
Pleasure Planet Adults only 16 70 29
Dreamland Grid 16 5 2
NeXtLife Grid 15 7 7
Your Alternative Life ~36 ~218 ~178
Openvue (on Virtual AIAI Grid) 12 20 10
ScienceSim 25 30 15
unica 16 60 10
The Gor Grid - Your Gorean Life 61 500 143
Cuon Grid - Linux and ERP 11 50 30
VirtualFrance 4 15 12
ArtGridOnLine 12 48 15
OpenWorld 17 140 55
Lost In Space And Time      
Playneko | Just another virtual world 2 21 17
Xumeo * * *

File:Unique users last 30 days.png

This is a list of Grids that been inactive for a few days and or have claimed to be inactive by the owner. Please also take extra care to write down there last position.

Place Inactive Grids Approx # Regions Approx # Users Unique last 30days

To make OpenSim grids and locations known to a wider audience, they may be listed at

Office Hour

Each week on Tuesday, OSGrid hosts an official Office Hour where the OpenSim developers meet and discuss the weeks software development activities. This is a good place to get to know what is going on with OpenSim.

Grid Region Time
OSGrid Wright Plaza Tuesday 1900UTC
EU-Grid EU-Grid Central Hub Sat 15:00 to 19:00 MET
AUGrid / Asia Pacific Office Hours Norgan Plaza Friday's 11am~2pm AEST (GMT/UTC + 10)
Cyberlandia Grid Italiana Cyberlandia, Central Hub Mercoledi and Venerdi
22:00 to 23:00 (GMT/UTC + 1)
WorldSim Terra Lusitania Center Saturdays 19:00 to 20:00 (GMT/UTC)
Avatar Hangout - Residents Community Center Saturdays 2pm to 4pm (InGame Time)
Avatar Hangout - Estate Owners Estate Info Sunday 2pm to 4pm (InGame Time)
Grid4Us Grid4Us Marina Saturdays 20:00 to 22:00 (UTC+1/MET)
LISAT   Saturday midnight "UTC"
Wednesday 1400(2pm)UTC

Grid Test Hours

Several grids provide valuable testing information for the project, each run a special 'test' hour to test capabilities of the platform. These are run at the same time every week. It may also be a good chance to meet people who can answer questions you may have.

Grid Region Time
OSGrid Wright Plaza Sat 1900UTC
Apex Grid Spaceport 2 Sat 1800 UTC
FrancoGrid Orion Everydays 2100GMT+1
New World Grid Welcome Generally Mondays and Thursdays 2200 UTC+2
Next Office Hour
AUGrid Norgan Plaza Generally Tuesdays 11am~1pm and/or 2~5pm AEST (GMT/UTC+10)
WorldSim Terra Lusitania Center Generally Sundays 19:00 to 22.00(GMT/UTC)
Next Test Hours
VirtualFrance versailles Generally Mondays and Thursdays 2100GMT+1

Standalone sims

Standalone sims have "generic" logins being from "Testa User" .. "Testz User", with password "test".

Name Login URI Maintainer/Site
Ruth (Zion) opensim:// Dalien Talbot (dalien on IRC, or via blog -
CyberSpacia opensim:// Spun Pty Ltd (
janoz opensim:// (
Opengrid opensim:// Test grid for - 24/7 available
Phrearch opensim:// Phrearch:
Timecatcher Haven Lands( Not online 24/7) opensim:// Timecatcher: (
Europeansim (NOW 24/7) opensim:// Edenrealm Sim( BritGrid SVN 5015 - 24 regions - Av creation - Blog / M34-Sim1 (24/7) opensim:// German Standalone-Sim for testing with german (deutsch) speaking Live-Support and OpenSIM-Wiki at . No Test User, only personal Accounts. Register before login at / M34-Sim2 (24/7) opensim:// Many Freebies, Copyland, Sandbox, Testing Area (Trunk Versions). No Test User, only personal Accounts. Register before login at
Viradu We have just migrated to 1/7/2009 A Science Fiction Themed Virtual World, by Michael McAnally ( - 12 regions NOTE: Please read Blog for connect instructions ---> for more info. This world is now open for settlement.

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