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What is a Grid Association?


This is a wiki page to draft out the idea of grid associations and eventually have a list of associations.

What is a grid association?

  • A group of grid owners working together to achieve common goals.

Why have grid associations?

  • Homogeneous experience with standardized quality for users that teleport between grids.
  • Hyper grid technology enables grid associations linking up in world.
  • Shared quality goals.
  • Same grid version.
  • Shared user base.
  • Teaming up for 24/7 maintenance.
  • Collecting improvement ideas and bugs to OpenSim dev team.
  • Shared assets for grid association sharing a theme.
  • Together baked terrain offering seamless map over the entire grid associations hyper grid.
  • Working on contents like avatars meshes
  • Mutualising ressources
  • Working on databse replication (grid A /B <> B/A )

What types of grid associations there could be?

  • Theme: urban, nature, rpg, scifi
  • Hobby: climbing, diving
  • Business
  • Game

Grids Looking for Cooperation

Add your grid information to this list if you are interested in joining to a grid association.

Grid Name Grid Homepage Grid HG SLUR Grid Contact Email Cooperation Wishlist
Example Grid secondlife:// We are looking for a, b and c.

Grid Associations

If you have formed a public grid association you can add it to this list.

Association Name Association Homepage Association HG Gateway SLUR Association Contact Email Association Member Grids
Example Association secondlife:// Grid A, Grid B, Grid C

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