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This is a matrix of the features currently implemented in OpenSim. Please feel free to correct existing entries and add new ones. The data in this matrix refers to the currently released version of OpenSimulator unless otherwise stated.

OpenSim can run on Linux & Mac with MONO, see the Mono project for availability or your distribution provider. Windows requires Net Framework 3.51 available from MS Downloads


Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
Create/change/move/delete prims Yes  
Persistent prim inventories Yes  
Basic asset types Yes Basic asset types include textures, sounds, notecards, etc.
Coalesced object groups (being able to take a selection of unlinked objects as one group that can be rezzed back in the same spatial arrangements) Yes Coalesced object groups means being able to take a selection of unlinked objects as one group that can be rezzed back in the same spatial arrangements. Support added in OpenSim 0.7.1
Linksets Yes Bugs (some fairly fundamental) remain with linksets but basic support is implemented.
Media on a prim/Shared Media Yes Support added in OpenSim 0.7.1. But please note that this is based on the current beta Linden implementation of mesh, which is likely to change soon. Please do not rely on mesh for any production use at the moment.
Dynamic textures Yes Dynamic textures are textures that can be created on the fly via draw commands.
Sculpties Yes  
Mesh Beta/Experimental Mesh is implemented in OpenSim 0.7.2 onwards. This is the newer mesh implementation as found in Linden Lab viewer 3. Older versions of OpenSim contained the older beta implementation. Please note that this feature is experimental and should be used cautiously.



Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
Walking Yes  
Flying Yes  
Sitting Yes  
Animations Yes  
Gestures Yes  
Attachments Partial Both worn attachments and Head Up Displays (HUDs) are implemented. Outfits are implemented. Wearing multiple attachments at a single point is not yet implemented.
Combat Yes  
Region crossing Yes  
Teleport Yes  
Persistent avatar inventories Yes  
Inventory library Yes  
Chat Yes  
Instant messaging Yes Offline IM storage requires a third party packages such as http://forge.opensimulator.org/gf/project/opensimwi/ in releases before 0.7.2.
Names Partial Ordinary names consisting of a first and last name separated by a space are implemented. 'Display' names are not yet implemented.
Archiving Yes Users inventories and parts of inventories can be saved and loaded as OpenSim Inventory Archives.
Friends Yes  
Lure Yes  
Groups 3rd party Group support is only available as third party projects:

These services have connectors that are bundled with core OpenSim. See Enabling Groups and the OpenSim.ini.example file for more details.

Profiles 3rd party

Only avatar names are stored in core OpenSim. Profile support (e.g. interests, 1st Life, etc.) is available via 3rd party modules, though these may currently only support OpenSim 0.6.9. Please add suitable links here.

Search 3rd party Search support is only available via third party modules.
Display names No



Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
Scripts Yes A large percentage (though not all) of LSL is implemented by OpenSim. There are also OpenSim specific OSSL functions available.
C# scripting Yes C# scripting is experimental and insecure. However, it can be useful in some situations
Script control Yes There are some facilities to control what user types can create and edit scripts. This can help secure an implementation using C# scripts. See the OpenSim.ini.example file in the OpenSim distribution for more details.



Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
Terrain Yes  
Sun Yes  
Wind Yes  
Cloud Yes  
Vegetation Yes  
Sound Partial Not all sound facilties work (e.g. queueing sounds).
Minimap Yes  
World Map Yes  
Neighbouring regions Yes Regions can neighbour each other, even if hosted on different servers.
Archiving Yes Entire regions can be saved and loaded as OpenSim Archives.
Physics Yes There are several physics modules bundled with OpenSim, but only the ODE module (Open Dynamics Engine) really works.
Parcel management Yes  
Region settings Yes  
Estates Partial Partial estate support is implemented. However, the only way to manipulate estates currently is via direct changes to the database.
Avatar limits Yes Avatar limits were implemented in OpenSimulator 0.7.2.
Prim limits Yes Prim limits where implement in OpenSimulator 0.7.2.
Teleports Partial Teleporting in can be done to any point in or off world (if hypergrid enabled) however, Blocking teleports to a parcel or setting a landing point on that parcel is not currently enforced.


Other Simulation Features

Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
IRC Yes Relay chat back and forth to an Internet Relay Channel.
Money 3rd party There are no plans to directly provide economy modules in OpenSim though custom currency names are supported in 0.7.2 and after. Third party facilities include:
Permissions Yes Permissions (e.g. controlling whether objects can be modified or copied) must be enabled in OpenSim.ini - these are not enabled by default
Monitoring Partial A number of monitoring facilities exist, though none of them yet cover everything that one would want to monitor.
Voice Partial Voice support is currently primitive. OpenSim currently bundles a Vivox module (only usable with a Vivox voice server) and a Freeswitch module. A third party Mumble voice module also exists. Spatial/locational voice (knowing which avatar is speaking) is not yet supported.
Web frontends 3rd party Various third-party web frontends are available, detailed on the Webinterface page.


Server Features

Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
Local console Yes The local command console in OpenSim is the one present when you start an OpenSim instance
Remote console Yes
Remote admin Yes The remote admin plugin allows OpenSim commands to be executed remotely.
Logging Yes OpenSim uses the log4net package. More details on the logging page.



Feature Name Core OpenSim? Notes
Single server (standalone) mode Yes Persistent databases supported in standalone mode are SQLite and MySQL. A MSSQL exists and should work, but is not officially supported.
Grid (multi-server) mode Yes In grid mode, only persistence to a MySQL database is officially supported. Persistence can also be done with a MSSQL database but this is not officially supported.
Hypergrid Experimental This is an architecture, orthogonal to the previous two, that allows users to visit completely separate OpenSim installations while retaining their appearance, identity and inventory. This is under active development and should be considered experimental.


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