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Zwei wichtige Aspekte in Bezug auf die Währung sind Kauf und Verkauf von Geldeinheiten (dh durch Klicken auf die Währungsanzeige in der oberen rechten Ecke der meisten Viewer) und Kauf und Verkauf von Land.

Diese beinhalten Aufrufe an ein Paar externer PHP-Skripte. Die Namen dieser Skripte (currency.php und landtool.php) sind in der Viewer-Quelle tatsächlich fest codiert (!). Drittanbieter-Viewer erlauben jedoch, dass der Pfad geändert wird, wenn wir ihn im Economy-Parameter des Abschnitts [GridInfo] von Robust.ini (oder Robust.HG.ini, config-include/StandaloneCommon.ini) angeben.

Buying and selling money

OpenSimulator does not come with a working currency implementation, though there is a very limited sample money module that works in standalone mode only.

You can find third party currency implementations on the Related Software page. The OpenSimulator project cannot supply any support for these modules.

Clicking the currency display in a viewer generates a request to currency.php following whatever path has been set up in the economy [GridInfo] section of Robust.ini.

Buying and selling land

Buying and selling land also requires the grid to have a landtool.php page that services a preflightBuyLandPrep XMLRPC call.

For an OpenSimulator standalone installation, the SampleMoneyModule will supply the required minimal functionality (TODO: properly document this.).

Unfortunately, this is not available in ROBUST at this time. A grid installation will need to supply an external implementation of the preflightBuyLandPrep XMLRPC function.

There is a very minimal version of this (with installation instructions) at This allows $0 transfers.

A slightly more fleshed out example can be found at

Both these files ultimately derive from an original implementation at:


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