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Stable Releases

Please update: Current Stable 0.5 (Links and packages required for 3172)

These are the last version that were considered "stable" and useable in a test enviornment.

Version 0.5.0


(Source) svn co opensim

Version 0.4.0



(Source) svn co opensim

Nightly Builds

These are compiled packages created daily from the svn repository. The EXE's can be run natively under Windows, but requires Mono to run under Mac OS X and Linux.

They can be downloaded from:


SVN Checkout

To get the very latest (and usually unstable) source, run:

svn co opensim

SVN can be downloaded for Windows from here, or for Mac OS X here.

PreConfigured Standalone "Ready to Run" for XP/VISTA (32Bit) with GUI

A Preconfigured "Ready to Run" for Standalone based on SVN3152 (22 JAN 08) includes a simple GUI and is available for Download here:

Instructions provided at the page above. Instructions for upgrading from older revisions also included.

This is the fastest way to have a working region within a minute for windows users

Simply Unzip, and run OpensimLAUNCH.exe

-Start the region with the Start button stop with stop.

-Commands are entered with with the Region Server TAB.

It already includes a default user and 1 Region (Custom made Island) and graphical user interface (simple). Connection made via -loginuri

This Version is preconfigured to use:

-OpenDynamicsEngine Physics

-Physical Prims Script Engine for LSL


-Persistent Script in Prims.


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