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(Unofficial Builds)
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* [ Opensim 0.5.4 windows]
* [ Opensim 0.5.4 windows]
* [ OpenSim 0.5.1]
* [ OpenSim 0.5.1]
====Official Nightly Builds====
* [ OpenSim Trunk -]
===Unofficial Builds===
===Unofficial Builds===

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SVN can be downloaded for Windows from here, or for Mac OS X 10.4.x here. SVN is built into Mac OS X 10.5. These are the last version that were considered "stable" and useable in a test environment.

  • Latest version (usually unstable)
svn co opensim
  • Version 0.5.4

svn co opensim

Please note: this version has a problem with the default physics engine that occurs when you try to rez a prim. To resolve this, switch to the OpenDynamicsEngine (ODE), by replacing

physics = basicphysics


physics = OpenDynamicsEngine
  • Version 0.5.1

svn co opensim
  • Version 0.5.0

svn co opensim
  • Version 0.4.0

svn co opensim

for those who prefer git, there is an "unofficial mirror" of SVN into git. It is intended for the collaborative prototyping/proofs of concept, etc.

git clone

If you know SVN and are interested to compare git, refer to the crash course


Official Builds

Official Nightly Builds

Unofficial Builds

These are compiled binary packages created daily from the svn repository. The EXE's can be run natively under Windows, but requires Mono to run under Mac OS X and Linux. They default to a standalone region setup, and can be configured normally.

Nightly builds, in tar-gzip format.

This is a modified version designed to work with the RealXtend or Seconlife Viewer. *RealXtend is not required for their client, but some features will not work without it.

Prconfigured Ready to Run Standalone Version for XP/ Vista with Graphical Interface. This also includes the Openlibrary release 0.15 Common Assets & Inventory Add-on. (Built from 4314 with modifications)

An unofficial VMware Appliance... UNIQ30dfd1212ab2ee6f-cleanpage-00000000-QINU


Openlibrary release 0.15 is a collection of Texures, Skins, Clothing etc Assets & Inventory Items common to all users when installed to your OpenSimulator Release. This library is provided under Creative Commons 2.5 by Attribution License.

To Use Delete your existing Assets & Inventory Library and Replace with the Assets & Inventory Folders contained in the .zip file.

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