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* '''Latest version (usually unstable)'''
* '''Latest version (usually unstable)'''
  svn co opensim
  svn co opensim
* '''Version 0.5.4'''
* '''Version 0.5.6'''
  svn co opensim
  svn co opensim
<font color=red>'''Please note:'''</font> this version has a problem with the default physics engine that occurs when you try to rez a prim.  To resolve this, switch to the OpenDynamicsEngine (ODE), by replacing
physics = basicphysics
physics = OpenDynamicsEngine
* '''Version 0.5.1'''
svn co opensim
* '''Version 0.5.0'''
svn co opensim
* '''Version 0.4.0'''<br><br>
svn co opensim
for those who prefer git, there is an "unofficial mirror" of SVN into git. It is intended for the collaborative prototyping/proofs of concept, etc.
git clone
If you know SVN and are interested to compare git, refer to the [ crash course]
===Official Builds===
* [ OpenSim 0.5.4 linux]
* [ Opensim 0.5.4 windows]
* [ OpenSim 0.5.1]
====Official Nightly Builds====
* [ OpenSim Trunk -]
===Unofficial Builds===
* [ Nightly Builds]
These are compiled binary packages created daily from the svn repository. The EXE's can be run natively under Windows, but requires Mono to run under Mac OS X and Linux. They default to a standalone region setup, and can be configured normally.
* [ Ruth Nightly Builds]
Nightly builds, in tar-gzip format.
* [ RealXtend Build]
This is a modified version designed to work with the [[RealXtend]] or Seconlife Viewer. *RealXtend is not required for their client, but some features will not work without it.
* [ OpenLife Standalone Version w/GUI]
Prconfigured Ready to Run Standalone Version for XP/ Vista with Graphical Interface. This also includes the Openlibrary release 0.15 Common Assets & Inventory Add-on. (Built from 4314 with modifications)
* [[VMware_Appliance|VMware Appliance]]
An unofficial VMware Appliance...

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SVN can be downloaded for Windows from here, or for Mac OS X 10.4.x here. SVN is built into Mac OS X 10.5. These are the last version that were considered "stable" and useable in a test environment.

  • Latest version (usually unstable)
svn co opensim
  • Version 0.5.6

svn co opensim



Openlibrary release 0.15 is a collection of Texures, Skins, Clothing etc Assets & Inventory Items common to all users when installed to your OpenSimulator Release. This library is provided under Creative Commons 2.5 by Attribution License.

To Use Delete your existing Assets & Inventory Library and Replace with the Assets & Inventory Folders contained in the .zip file.

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