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Active Core Developers

Developers who have commit access to our central server, are regular contributors to the codebase, and have voting rights over development and process issues of the OpenSimulator project. See Organization.

  • Only voted in developers are listed here, please do not list yourself
IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
Adam Frisby Adam Frisby Adam Zaius +8 DeepThink Pty Ltd Terrain, Performance
chi11ken Jeff Ames Chillken Proto
+9 Genkii
justincc Justin Clark-Casey Lulworth Beaumont Justin Clark-Casey (all other grids) 0 OSVW Consulting
justincc's OpenSimulator blog
Grid, performance & reliability, inventory (avatar and object), assets, scenes, OARs, etc. Generally speaking, my main interest is to create infrastructure that other people can build on top of.
dahlia T. Hoff Dahlia Trimble -8 / -7 Independent Collision geometry, various math and physics issues, occasional bug fixes and random enhancements
Melanie_T Melanie Melanie Milland
+1 Independent Scripting, Prims/Scene, Life, The Universe, and Everything
Diva Crista Lopes Diva Canto Crista Lopes / Diva Canto -8 University of California, Irvine Everything, except databases
dslake Dan Lake Dan Lake ScienceSim -8 / -7 Intel Scalability, Performance, Network stack
Marck00 M. Kirsch Marck Kjeller +1 Independent Everything that catches my attention and that I can get my head around.
cmickeyb Mic Bowman Mic Bowman ScienceSim -8 / -7 Intel
BlueWall James Hughes BlueWall Slade BlueWall Slade -5 BlueWall Information Technologies, LLC Various parts
Nebadon Michael Emory Cerquoni Nebadon Izumi Nebadon Izumi -7 Arizona Oni Kenkon Creations Building, Scripting, Testing
Snoopy2 Snoopy Pfeffer Snoopy Pfeffer Snoopy Pfeffer OpenSim region and grid hosting
radams Robert Adams Looking Glass Viewer

Core Developers Following the White Rabbit

Core developers who have temporarily (we hope) gone chasing the white rabbit. They are in all similar to the active core developers, except that they haven't been that active lately, so their voting rights are awaiting their come back.

  • Only voted in developers are listed here, please do not list yourself
IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
lbsa71 Stefan Andersson Tribal Skytower OSG:Stefan Andersson
TN:Stefan Andersson
+1 Tribal Media AB Web Integration
MW Darren Wright Juran 0 Everything
ckrinke Charles Krinke Charlesk Bing -8   Reliability/Grid servers/ll-functions
mikem Mike Mazur

+9 Independent Patches, scripting improvements, LSL compiler
homerh Homer Horwitz Homer Horwitz
+2 Independent Rev. engineering, "now, that's funny" problems, but still interested in all parts of it
nlin N Lin Standard Drucker
+9 3Di Inc, Japan
Physics, scripting, more to come
arthursv Arthur Valadares NONE -8 University of California, Irvine Unit testing, database plugins, bug fixes, general
drscofld Dirk Husemann Dr Scofield +1 Reliability, networking protocols, inventory, assets, remote control, voice, and pretty much everything else :-)
Teravus Daniel Olivares Teravus Ousley -5 W3z Physics & Admin tools, A working sim.

Retired Core Developers

Core developers who have transcended our mortal plane, i.e. they are no longer directly engaged with the project. Thank you forever for your contributions!

  • Only formerly voted in developers are listed here, please do not list yourself
IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
babblefrog Brian McBee Dogen Coldstream Babblefrog Ballistic (osgrid) -8 Disorganized  
danx0r Dan Miller Albert Pascal -8 PHEEZIKS; everything
Tleiades   Tleiades Hax +1   Grid servers/Database
Darok   Darok Kaminski +1   Physics engines (especially BulletX)
Gareth / Gwen Gareth Nelson Gareth Ellison Gareth Nelson (on everywhere but SL) BST (UTC+1) Litesim Ltd Grid servers, sim border crossing, avatar animations
dalien Dalien Talbot Dalien Talbot +1 Mostly TCP-based Small fixes; rev.eng./prototyping; nightlies; git-keeper
Alondria Alondria LeFay Alondria LeFay (OSGrid) -8 Independent Implementation of LSL functions and other scripting tidbits.
sdague Sean Dague Neas Bade -5 IBM Database, Linux, Testing, Misc
MingChen Mike/Michael Ortman Ming Chen -6 (-5 in Summer) DeepThink Pty Ltd Estate/Parcel Support/Modules/Keeping things all neat and tidy.
Tedd Tedd Hansen Tedd Maa +1 Tedd Hansen Programming/Scripting/Architecture
adjohn Adam Johnson Zeuz Zenovka
+9 Genkii
joha1 Johan Berntsson Joppi Brandenburg
+9   Performance, packet handling/libSL
jhurliman John Hurliman John Hurliman

Wiki Sysops

Along with the core developers, these people help manage the OpenSimulator wiki as well as make other contributions (see Areas of Interest).

IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
Makopoppo Makiko Nomura Mako Nozaki Everywhere +9 Tokyo, Japan As an individual developer Everything for improving usability and connectability - wiki/issue management, documentation, localization(Japanese), modifying the interface mainly of core modules
Fritigern S-E-C-R-E-T Fritigern Gothly SecondLife, OSGrid +1 GMT My interests are many, and extremely varied. One thing that i am very interested in, is seeing OpenSimulator grow, mature, and develop into something that really does rival SL/LL.

Additional Developers/Testers/Contributors

These people have contributed and/or are contributing bug reports, patches, testing, and all sorts of other goodies to the project.
Newcomers please add yourself to bottom of the list!

IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
jclark4 Jay Clark Jay Clarke -5 IBM Physics, Grid Host, AI, Scripting, Testing
BigFootAg Adam Stevenson Adamus Petrov -6 Texas A&M University AI, Skynet, Evolving Systems, Biology
Jeff1564 Jeff Potter Taurog Potter Taurog -8 Building, Scripting, Testing
Rock_Vacirca Colin Withers Rock Vacirca   +1 Testing, building, scripting, maintaining an opensim blog.
simsim caocao     +9   Testing whole functions of OpenSimulator system,working with OpenSim-Engine,reporting on OpenSimulator
Vicero Lambert          
Magi Andy Agnew Magi Merlin +10 Spun Pty Ltd 3D Web Integration, Database stuff and playing with the odds and ends box.
ClarkZone Troy Admin(@ClarkZone) Troy Childs Troy Admin (ClarkZone) -5 Http:// Tester and Grid Host
aiaustin Ai Austin Ai Austin Ai Austin +0 AIAI, Virtual University of Edinburgh
Windows tests
Content testing
Use of multiple VWs
Marc Manders Marc Manders     +6 Creative features
balthazar Trevor Brooks Balthazar Sin -5 None Terrains, testing and some small coding tasks
jimbo2120 Michael Osias Illuminous Beltran -5 IBM Grid, AI, Skynet, coding and testing
ZeroPoint   Guilderoy Dench -5   Programming/Database
DerekTang Derek Tang Derek Timeless Derek Tang (ChineseGrid) +8 Running a public WINDOWS sim for testing, Docs, Helping Chinese users to enjoy OpenSim; building Chinese OpenSimulator communities. In construction...
TayB Earl Balai Taylor Dae -10 WhynGrid Grid Host,Networking,Contributions & Testing.
JamieDav Jamie David Jamie David +7 Forum Grid, Sim, Avitar, Functionality
Krtaylor Kurt Taylor Kurt Stringer -6 IBM Grid, Networking, Monitoring, Scripting, Inventory, Testing
Nink Peter Finn Nink Noonan -5 IBM Disruptive Influence.
Bruce Bruce Meerson Bruce Meerson +8 HiPiHi Watching.
DarbD Brian B. Quinn Darb Dabney regions
near Marin
PST/SLT (-7 or -8) County of Marin, California
LiDAR-based sculpties, real-world terrain,
pursuit of civic paraverses, virtual Emergency Operations Centers
CharlieO Dan Charlie Omega     Mild coding/tweaking/simple feature adds, Stress testing/break stuff, Testing limits of existing code. Making sure LSL Status is up to date
oobscure   Opensource Obscure +1 Running a public Linux sim for testing, Docs, Helping italian users, Building opensim communities, Watching
pitman Mike Pitman Rez Tone   IBM Scientific visualization schemes, virt world product design, persistant workspaces, virt world based big biz
Shenlei Shenlei Winkler Shenlei Flasheart, Shenlei Winkler   Fashion Research Institute Product Design and Development, Apparel industry, and o yes, I wrote the book ;)
cmu Christopher Mumme Snook Destiny +1 and research group "Collaboration Systems and CSCW" at Clausthal University of Technology Testing OpenSim, working with OpenSim-Engine, reporting on OpenSimulator
Silpol Andriy Tymchenko Andy Tir EET (+2/3) (also visible at Nokia) Highly uncoordinated mess with elements of palace games, under-table diplomacy, rebellion, coup d'état and mutiny. optionally pirate
Grumly Forest Klaar Grumly TheBear GMT+1 .NET MCAD Dev/Arch/Trainer Trying to get into OpenSimulator code for now. Particularly interrested in data persistence. blog (Hello, Avatar!):
DaTwitch James G. Stallings II
Lazarus Longstaff
Hiro Protagonist (OSGrid) -5 House Husband OSGrid Region owner, OSGrid Operator,
Forum Admin, sometime wiki editor
gryc Gryc Ueusp Gryc Uriza Gryc Uriza(OSGrid) -6 PHP scripting, web interfaces, interconnectivity, cross-platformedness
Phrearch Jeroen van Veen Phrearch Miles Phrearch Miles(OSGrid) Amsterdam/Paris HWIOS, WiXTD, Wikidoc, Moo, User interfaces
Burnman Allen Burnman Bedlam Boston, USA Testing, testing, and more testing! Getting familiar with the source, interested in all aspects of the project.
krisbfunk Kris Bulman Krisbfunk Vought Krisbfunk Nocturnal(OSGrid) PE, Canada (-4) Edactive Technologies
NocturnalEye Productions
Currently: Testing, bug reports, wiki updating, building on OSGrid
HashBox   Sibariel Darkstone Sibariel Darkstone (OSGrid) New Zealand (+12) Testing, bug reports, and updating the wiki.
Kinoc Kino Coursey Daxxon Jaxxon Daxxon Kinoc (OSgrid) -6 Daxtron Laboratories
University of North Texas
AI, Semantic web, Ontologies, Natural Laanguage Processing, Cyc, Bots, NPC
trapuh Pedro Ribeiro Vaiten Forder GMT University Student, Escola Superior de Educação de Viseu, Portugal Testing, eventual bug reports and wiki. Music, web/digital arts and php+sql.
SonicViz Paul Cohen Komuso Tokugawa +9 Http:// Audio/Music, Interactive Music, Control Protocols, Interfaces, VisualFX, Procedural animation/Generative systems + testing and general dev
mokele Scott Norman Mokelembembe Mokeev -8 (Southern California) Web Developer (PHP and MySQL) Interested in seeing running on PowerPC Macs which it is. So, when I can, I'll compile and test on PowerPC Mac (PowerBook G4) and submit reports and then update the wiki if need on installing on Mac. Also have a Ubuntu 7.10 server that I can do testing on too.
devalnor Devalnor M. Watkin +1 (Belgium) Small Patch code, bug reports, and updating the wiki.
Ezekiel Ezekiel Ezekiel Zabelin +1 Concepts, business aspects of virtual worlds - web developer (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, LSL)
Buggmaster Mike D Bug Master None -8 Grid, Data/Web PHP/PERL/MySQL
nixnerd Dangerously Moody None GMT Cross Platform Testing, Feedback, Bug Reporting
mohax Mo Hax Mo Hax -5 Eastern IBM Testing, Feedback, Content Contributions, Bug Reporting, Documenting, Development
webmage webmage Leyla Masala Web Mage +1 IBM Testing, terrain
NLStitch Marijn Oosterveld Stitch Seale NYA GMT +1 Amsterdam Twingate Systems (
HanzeHogeschool Groningen, Netherlands
Programming, Photography, AI
Ideia Boa Joao Lopes Ideia Boa Ideia Boa or Boa Ideia in some grids GTM+1 Stockholm/Sweden WorldSimTERRA - Virtual World that speaks Portuguese too
Testing and more testing! Updating the original wiki and translating the OpenSimulator Wiki into Portuguese and reporting on OpenSimulator
lulurun liu

+9 3Di Inc, Japan
Patches, openid, server performance, UGAI
Carlosrounde Carlosroundel Carlos Roundel
+1 Cyberlandia Italy
Grid, programmer, database, tester
Mikebert Michael Strunck Mikebert Miles Mikebert M34 +1 OpenSIM Wiki, Germany
German Wiki, Translater, Server Performance (Linux/Windows), Tester, Feedback, Bug Reporting, Server-Hosting
Taoki Mircea Kitsune / Taoki Vixen Mircea Kitsune (OSGrid) / Mircea Lobo (LL grid)
GMT +2
Usually testing and bug reporting but I also make smaller patches where I know what to do.
Patnad Patrick Patnad Babii Patnad Babii (OSGrid) GMT -5 RezzMe Technologies
Bug testing and reporting, I code C# and have submitted a few patches
^DarkMan Brian Adair Patrick Ouachita Brian Adair | Patrick Meta -6 CST RealMetaLife | B&H Networking Building, Scripting, Testing, etc.
Tommi Laukkanen Tommi Laukkanen   Tommi Laukkanen +2 GMT Protocols (MXP), NHibernate, Scrip API, Map Generation, Bug Fixes, Grid Hosting
Mystical Kevin Tweedy Mystical Demina Mystical Demina -5 Extreme Reality Grid
Windows Communication Framework, Windows Workflow,Entity Framework, MSSQL
Enhancements,Commerce, Content,DotNetNuke based portal, development services
Godfrey Jeff Lee Warin Cascabel -5 (EST5EDT) Testing, minor bugfixes. Scripting, building, animating
Jamenai Christopher Händler Jamenai Luik Jamenai Luik +1 Playneko Grid | XIMDEX Jamenai
Performance,Bug Reporting, Hosting, Grid-Owner,(PHP, MySQL, Perl, JavaScript, LSL)
bikcmp Jason Jake1500 Allen Jason Helios (The Helios Grid) EST Blue Software Search, groups, land, and currency
Slipaway Mark Malewski Chris Rock -6 (-5 during summer - CDT) NexTECH / Joopla Web development & systems integration, terrain, WIKI documentation, tutorials, testing, bug reporting and feedback.
barakademi Steve Topp barakademi Barzane same avi on baragrid OSgrid Grid4us sciencesim utc+1 (CET) paris Music LiveMusic MetaverseMusic Opensim Libomv Mono-2.4 Linux (suse,debian,ubuntu) Admin Scripting Automating Development Intergration php mysql bash nant +++
robert_d Robert Dzikowski OSGrid: robert_d 13 UTC+1 Region Modules, Tutorials
john_ John Moyer VAJohn GeekSquad or Matthew Kendal -5 Best Buy/Geek Squad Tester
_WicKeD Maik Maik Galaxy El Diablo +1 Germany Creatio Inc. / German Support, Translator, Building, Scripting, Testing, Hosting
Stevie Wakowksi Steve Roberts Stevie Wakowski +10 Australia IBM OpenSimulator builds, Linux, Modrex, bug reporting, evangalist for OpenSimulator in business applications.
Revolution Matthew Revolution Smythe Revolution Smythe -6 Central USA None Script engine, physics engine, general odd bugs, interesting and odd things
clemsonGS Brian Cass BC Sands Brian Cass (VWC Grid) -5 Developing virtual worlds for use in higher education
AlexRa Independent
Mikko Pallari Realxtend
StrawberryFride Chris Hart ReactionGrid
RemedyTomm Tom Grimshaw Tomm Remedy KGrid: Casper Warden OSGrid: Tomm Remedy UTC+0 (BST) Remedy Communications Texture pipeline, Groups, ObjectUpdates
Rob Smart IBM
MicheilMerlin Micheil Merlin Micheil Merlin Micheil Merlin -6 Independent
Scripting, patches, and testcases
Pato Donald Pato Donald Morgam Biedermann Pato Donald -3 Independent [ Groups, Scripts, Physics, Communication, Integration
Sera Marx Darkfire Soulstar +12 Radiance promotions Grid Host, Commissioner. ~ Anyone looking for work related to the development of Opensimulator or Viewers please contact me. Any work undertaken for me will be returned to Opensimulator unless made strictly for my Grid
Doug Osborn Doug Osborn @ScienceSim PST/SLT (-7 or -8) CTO, F.R.I. Performance testing, scripting, high prim count builds, bots, and running in-world conferences.
Hallow Palmer Markus Hallow Palmer
+1 Grid4Us
Server Performance (Windows), Tester, Feedback, Business concepts,Bug Reporting, Server-Hosting
LenaVanilli Lena Vanilli Lena Vanilli Lena Vanilli +1 Germany Grid-Management, Testing Testing Testing, Region Hosting
aduffy70 Aaron Duffy Aeran Stipe Aaron Duffy @ScienceSim -7 USU Scientific visualization & education, Region modules, Heavily scripted regions
Erich Bremer Erich Bremer

Erich Bremer@OSGrid

-5 Semantic Web, Data Visualization
MarkIDCAS Mark Bannon Mark IDCAS 3D Grid Association, AtMeeting, Valhalla Virtual and IDCAS. GMT Grid Management & systems integration. Scripting. WIKI documentation, tutorials, bug reporting and feedback.
allquixotic Sean McNamara Tiyuk Quellmalz OSG: Tiyuk Quellmalz -5 None Bugfixing; networking; performance; data integrity; LSL; auto-backup; null DB (eventual consistency).
orenh Oren Hurvitz Oren Hurvitz (Kitely) +2 Kitely
randomhuman Kevin Houlihan random Radikal random human (OSGrid) WET/IST CrimsonCookie RemoteAdmin module; On-demand grids; web integration.
oddball otoole J.v.Hogeloon Oddball Otoole Oddball Otoole (OSGrid +1 (The Netherlands None Building, scripting, testing, social stuff.
Pixel Tomsen Christian Kurzhals Pixel Tomsen Pixel Tomsen OSGrid +1 (Germany see my profil Dev, Building, scripting, sim-hosting, some modules, patches, osgrid
kenearlg Ken Grunke Key Grau Key Gruin (Osgrid) -6 CST testing, moderating, inworld games & recreation, wiki spam control

Retired Additional Developers

Additional developers who are no longer working on the OpenSimulator project. Thank you forever for your contributions!

IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
Fly-Man- Laurence OSGrid: Fly Man GMT +1 Private Company Testing, OpenSimSearch, OpenSimProfile
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