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OpenSim Core Developers

(please add in as much info as you like for your name)

IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
MW Michael Wright Wright Juran +0   everything
AdamZaius Adam Frisby Adam Zaius +8 DeepThink Pty Ltd Terrain, Performance
MingChen     -6 DeepThink Pty Ltd  
lbsa71 Stefan Andersson PierreJoseph Proudhon +1 Tribal Media AB 3D and Web Integration
sdague Sean Dague Neas Bade -5 IBM Database, Linux
babblefrog Brian McBee Dogen Coldstream -8 Disorganized  
danx0r Dan Miller Albert Pascal -8 PHEEZIKS; everything

Additional Developers/Testers/Contributors

IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
Darok   Darok Kaminski +1   Physics engines (especially BulletX)
ckrinke Charles Krinke Charlesk Bing -7    
Magi Andy Agnew Magi Merlin +10 Spun Pty Ltd 3D Web Integration, Database stuff and playing with the odds and ends box.
john_ John Moyer VAJohn GeekSquad or Matthew Kendal -5 Best Buy/Geek Squad  
ClarkZone Troy Admin(@ClarkZone) Troy Childs(Secondlife)\Troy Admin (ClarkZone) -5 GMT EST Http:// Tester and Grid Host
ZeroPoint   Guilderoy Dench -5   Programming/Database/Host (Linux)
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