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OpenSim Core Developers

These people have commit access to our central SVN server and are regular contributors to the codebase.

(please add in as much info as you like for your name)

Photo IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
MW / Michael Wright Darren Wright Juran +0 Tribal Media AB everything
Adam Frisby Adam Frisby Adam Zaius +8 DeepThink Pty Ltd Terrain, Performance
MingChen     -6 DeepThink Pty Ltd  
lbsa71 Stefan Andersson PierreJoseph Proudhon OSG:Stefan Andersson
OLG:Stefan Andersson
+1 Tribal Media AB 3D and Web Integration
sdague Sean Dague Neas Bade -5 IBM Database, Linux
babblefrog Brian McBee Dogen Coldstream Babblefrog Ballistic (osgrid) -8 Disorganized  
Tedd Tedd Hansen Tedd Maa +1 Tedd Hansen Programming/Scripting/Architecture
danx0r Dan Miller Albert Pascal -8 PHEEZIKS; everything
dalien Dalien Talbot Dalien Talbot +1 Mostly TCP-based Small fixes; rev.eng./prototyping; nightlies; git-keeper
ZeroPoint   Guilderoy Dench -5   Programming/Database
Tleiades   Tleiades Hax +1   Grid servers/Database
cfk Charles Krinke Charlesk Bing -8   Reliability/Grid servers/ll-functions
chi11ken Jeff Ames Chillken Proto +9 3Di  
Darok   Darok Kaminski +1   Physics engines (especially BulletX)
adjohn Adam Johnson Zeuz Zenovka +9 3Di  
joha1 Johan Berntsson Joppi Brandenburg +9 3Di Performance, packet handling/libSL
Teravus Teravus Teravus Ousley -5 W3z Physics & Admin tools, A working sim.
Justincc Justin Clark-Casey Lulworth Beaumont Justin Clark-Casey (osgrid) +0 IBM Grid servers & performance, inventory (avatar and object).
Alondria Alondria LeFay Alondria LeFay (OSGrid) -8 Independent Implementation of LSL functions and other scripting tidbits.
mikkopa Mikko Pallari Mikko Panacek +2 realXtend Scripting, communication, gaming, sounds

Additional Developers/Testers/Contributors

These people have contributed bug reports, patches or other contributions to OpenSim.

IRC Nick Name SL Avatar Other Grid Time Zone
Org Areas of Interest
Nebadon Michael Cerquoni Nebadon Izumi Nebadon Izumi -7 Arizona Oni Kenkon Creations Building, Scripting, Testing
jclark4 Jay Clark Jay Clarke -5 IBM Physics, Grid Host, AI, Scripting, Testing
BigFootAg Adam Stevenson Adamus Petrov -6 Texas A&M University AI, Skynet, Evolving Systems, Biology
Vicero Lambert          
Magi Andy Agnew Magi Merlin +10 Spun Pty Ltd 3D Web Integration, Database stuff and playing with the odds and ends box.
john_ John Moyer VAJohn GeekSquad or Matthew Kendal -5 Best Buy/Geek Squad Tester
ClarkZone Troy Admin(@ClarkZone) Troy Childs Troy Admin (ClarkZone) -5 Http:// Tester and Grid Host
aiaustin Ai Austin Ai Austin Ai AIAI (AIAI Grid)
Ai Ariella (Openlifegrid)
Ai Beta (DeepGrid)
+0 AIAI, University of Edinburgh
Windows Vista tests
Content testing
Use of multiple VWs
balthazar Trevor Brooks Balthazar Sin -5 None Terrains, testing and some small coding tasks
jimbo2120 Michael Osias Illuminous Beltran -5 IBM Grid, AI, Skynet, coding and testing
Sakai Steve S Sakai Openlife (OpenlifeGrid) +10 Grid, Hardware, Testing, Contribution
MaltosSosa Maltos Sosa Maltos Sosa
Maltos Sosa (Central Grid)   Central Grid Grid Operator, Central Grid Project Manager. Anything we can offer, just ask.
DerekTang Derek Tang Derek Timeless Derek Tang (ChineseGrid) +8 Running a public WINDOWS sim for testing, Docs, Helping Chinese users to enjoy OpenSim; building Chinese OpenSim communities. In construction...
TayB Earl B Taylor Boyau -10 Vizi Grid Host,Networking,Contributions & Testing.
JamieDav Jamie David Jamie David +7 Forum Grid, Sim, Avitar, Functionality
Krtaylor Kurt Taylor Kurt Stringer -6 IBM Grid, Networking, Monitoring, Scripting, Inventory, Testing
Nink Peter Finn Nink Noonan -5 IBM Disruptive Influence.
Bruce Bruce Meerson Bruce Meerson +8 HiPiHi Watching.
Darb Brian B. Quinn Darb Dabney soon: regions
near Berkeley
-8 City of Berkeley, CA
Testing large standalones, real-world terrain,
pursuit of civic paraverses
CharlieO Dan Charlie Omega     Mild coding/tweaking/simple feature adds, Stress testing/break stuff, Testing limits of existing code. Making sure LSL Status is up to date
oobscure   Opensource Obscure +1 Running a public Linux sim for testing, Docs, Helping italian users, Building opensim communities, Watching
pitman Mike Pitman Rez Tone   IBM Scientific visualization schemes, virt world product design, persistant workspaces, virt world based big biz
cmu Christopher Mumme Snook Destiny +1 and research group "Collaboration Systems and CSCW" at Clausthal University of Technology Testing OpenSim, translating the OpenSim Wiki into German and reporting on OpenSim
Silpol Andriy Tymchenko Andy Tir EET (+2/3) (also visible at Nokia) highly uncoordinated mess with elements of palace games, under-table diplomacy, rebellion, coup d'état and mutiny. optionally pirate
Grumly Forest Klaar GMT+1 .NET MCAD Dev/Arch/Trainer Trying to get into OpenSim code for now. Particularly interrested in data persistence.
daTwitch James G. Stallings II
Lazarus Longstaff
Hiro Protagonist (OSGrid)
Takeshi Takahashi (OpenLife)
-5 House Husband Testing everything to the limits I possibly can
Sometime wiki editor
blog at
gryc Gryc Ueusp Gryc Uriza Gryc Uriza(OSGrid) -6 PHP scripting, web interfaces, interconnectivity, cross-platformedness
Phrearch Jeroen van Veen Phrearch Miles Phrearch Miles(OSGrid) Amsterdam/Paris Documentation, scripts(perl/lsl), RIA(flex) mashup, testing
Burnman Allen Wilkins Burnman Bedlam Sid Green (United Grid) Boston, USA United Grid Testing, testing, and more testing! Getting familiar with the source, interested in all aspects of the project.
krisbfunk Kris Bulman krisbfunk Vought Krisbfunk Nocturnal(OSGrid) PE, Canada (-4) Edactive Technologies
NocturnalEye Productions
Currently: Testing, bug reports, wiki updating, building on OSGrid
HashBox Zane Ashby Sibariel Darkstone Sibariel Darkstone (OSGrid) New Zealand (+12) Testing, bug reports, and updating the wiki.
Kinoc Kino Coursey Daxxon Jaxxon Daxxon Kinoc (OSgrid) -6 Daxtron Laboratories
University of North Texas
AI, Semantic web, Ontologies, Natural Laanguage Processing, Cyc, Bots, NPC
trapuh Pedro Ribeiro Vaiten Forder GMT University Student, Escola Superior de Educação de Viseu, Portugal Testing, eventual bug reports and wiki. Music, web/digital arts and php+sql.
SonicViz Paul Cohen Komuso Tokugawa +9 Http:// Audio/Music, Interactive Music, Control Protocols, Interfaces, VisualFX, Procedural animation/Generative systems + testing and general dev
mokele Scott Norman Mokelembembe Mokeev -8 (Southern California) Web Developer (PHP and MySQL) Interested in seeing running on PowerPC Macs which it is. So, when I can, I'll compile and test on PowerPC Mac (PowerBook G4) and submit reports and then update the wiki if need on installing on Mac. Also have a Ubuntu 7.10 server that I can do testing on too.
devalnor Devalnor M. Watkin +1 (Belgium) Small Patch code, bug reports, and updating the wiki.
Ezekiel Ezekiel Ezekiel Zabelin +1 Concepts, business aspects of virtual worlds - web developer (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, LSL)
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