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users Stores users profile data      (back to Database Documentation)

The current structure of the users table is as follows:

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
UUID varchar(36) NO PRI
username varchar(32) NO UNI
lastname varchar(32) NO UNI
passwordHash varchar(32) NO
passwordSalt varchar(32) NO
homeRegion bigint(20) unsigned YES NULL
homeLocationX float YES NULL
homeLocationY float YES NULL
homeLocationZ float YES NULL
homeLookAtX float YES NULL
homeLookAtY float YES NULL
homeLookAtZ float YES NULL
created int(11) NO
lastLogin int(11) NO
userInventoryURI varchar(255) YES NULL
userAssetURI varchar(255) YES NULL
profileCanDoMask int(10) unsigned YES NULL
profileWantDoMask int(10) unsigned YES NULL
profileAboutText text YES NULL
profileFirstText text YES NULL
profileImage varchar(36) YES NULL
profileFirstImage varchar(36) YES NULL
webLoginKey varchar(36) YES NULL
homeRegionID char(36) NO '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
userFlags int(11) NO 0
godLevel int(11) NO 0
customType varchar(32) NO
partner char(36) NO '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
email varchar(250) YES NULL
scopeID char(36) NO '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'

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The unique id of the user
The first name of the user
The last name of the user
The MD5-hash from password and salt.
Currently the hash is calculated as follows: md5(md5("password") + ":")
The password salt. Does not appear to be used at the moment.
The region-handle of the home-region.
The value is the regions X location in a grid times 256*65536 (shifted left by 40 bits) plus the regions Y location in a grid times 256 (shifted left by 8 bits).
homeLocationX, homeLocationY, homeLocationZ
The home-location within the home-region
homeLookAtX, homeLookAtY, homeLookAtZ
The direction the avatar looks after TP to the home-location
Creation timestamp of the profile (in seconds since UNIX-epoch (Jan 1st, 1971))
Time of last login (in seconds since UNIX-epoch)
needs to be documented
needs to be documented
A bitfield where each bit indicates something the avatar can do (their skills list)
Bit 0 - Textures
Bit 1 - Architecture
Bit 2 - Event Planning
Bit 3 - Modeling
Bit 4 - Scripting
Bit 5 - Custom Characters
NOTE: This information is believed to be accurate but has not been verified
A bitfield where each bit indicates something the avatar is interested in doing (their "want to" list)
Bit 0 - Build
Bit 1 - Explore
Bit 2 - Meet
Bit 3 - Group
Bit 4 - Buy
Bit 5 - Sell
Bit 6 - Be Hired
Bit 7 - Hire
NOTE: This information is believed to be accurate but has not been verified
The text in the about field of the profile dialog
The text in the first-life field of the profile dialog
The UUID of the profile image
The UUID of the first-life image
needs to be documented
The region UUID of the home-region
This field consists of two different values. Bit 0-7 are a field of bit flags that define certain characteristics of the user. Bits 8-11 are the user account level, Bits 12-15 are not used.
Account Types:
0 = Normal user (Resident)
1 = Trial Member
2 = Charter Member
3 = Linden Labs Employee
Bit flags:
1 (0x01) Allow external services like Google to index the user profile
2 (0x02) The content of the profile is "mature" and should not appear on web pages children can access
4 (0x04) The avatar has provided payment info and is therefore identified
8 (0x08) The avatar has made at least one successful payment using their payment info
16 (0x10) The avatar is online (This flag has no effect in the database, it is dynamically managed)
32 (0x20) The avatar has been age verified using some external service (like LL's Aristotle)
Insert 200 to: allow user to get admin level (advanced -> request admin)
New Info by courtneywise
Custom Account Names:
enter what ever you want and it will be show as your user type so you can have custom account types then the default set ones under userFlags
New Info by courtneywise
The UUID of a user that will appear in the partner field of the profile dialog
The email address of the user
needs to be documented

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