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Any contributions must comply with the following OpenSim contribution policy

OpenSim Contributions Policy

In order to accept your contribution you need to read and adhere to the OpenSim Code Conventions and also follow the licensing conditions.

OpenSim Licensing Conditions

To make sure that we can accept your contribution and continue to distribute the OpenSim materials under the most free license possible, any contributions to the OpenSim project need to follow the following licensing conditions:

  • Your contribution is either wholly your own, or if it contains third party materials, they are licensed in a manner compatible with the OpenSim project. If you rely on third party contributions, acknowledge them and include a copy of the license conditions for those components if they differ from the OpenSim project license. We cannot accept virally licensed code unless there is a specific F/OSS exemption for BSD-licensed projects.
  • You accept whole liability for any contributions you make for inclusion of third party intellectual property, in the jurisdiction of both yourself, and where the servers are located (United States). If you are unsure about the licensing conditions for a piece of source, do not include it and work around it. If you have a problem here, ask the rest of the developers as they may be able to help.
  • You have not witnessed, seen or been party to the development of the official Linden Lab Server Software. If you have been involved in the official server development your contributions may affect the licensing of the main codebase and we cannot accept the contributions without a waiver from Linden Lab disclaiming any interest in your contributions.
  • You have not studied or copied sourcecode from the GPL Second Life viewer to submit your contribution
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