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Compatible Viewers

Before you can connect to OpenSim, you'll need to have downloaded one of the following clients that can connect to OpenSim.

  • Linden Client (Release version 2 is not fully supported by OpenSim.)
  • Hippo Viewer - a fork of version 1.23 of the Linden Client with OpenSim specific enhancements
  • RealXtend - a fork of the 1.23 Linden Client that has specialized features (not fully supported.)
  • Phoenix Viewer Based on the now discontinued Emerald Viewer (which was based on the 1.23 LL viewer), one of the most popular viewers. Combines many improvements and features from different viewers.
  • Imprudence Innovative viewer, and highly popular amongst users on OSGrid.

Other compatible viewers

The viewers below are open source, and not based on the Snowglobe, nor on the Snowstorm viewers.

Connecting with the Linden Viewer

***NOTE***: These instructions apply to the Linden Labs viewer ONLY. Most other viewers have a more elegant method to choose a grid. See the documentation for those viewers for more information.

Every OpenSim grid or instance will specify a loginuri, which is a uri of the form http://someserver:9000 (standalone mode) or http://someserver:8002 (grid mode). For instance, for osgrid, this is The following sections assume that you have that uri. We'll use as our example url.

A list of major public grids can be found at Grid_List. OSGrid is just one of many available.



  • make a copy of the SecondLife icon on your desktop
  • rename it to the grid you want to connect to
  • edit the properties on the icon and set the command line to ...\SecondLife.exe" -loginuri


  • Make a '' file, and put this in it:
  • /Applications/Second\\ Life -loginuri
  • set it to executable
  • run it

If you have multiple viewers and multiple grids to connect to, you can try the following AppleScript (one could do something similar with a shell script). Feel free to copy and modify for your own use.

--  This script selects a viewer and a grid for virtual worlds.
-- Variables for the two supported viewers.  More may be added here.
set lindenViewer to "\"/Applications/SecondLife/Second Life\""

set emeraldViewer to "\"/Applications/SecondLife/GreenLife Emerald Emerald Viewer\""
-- Variables for options to select the specified grid.  Since the viewers
-- are based on the 2nd life viewer, the options are the same for each
-- viewer.  Also, connecting to the Second Life grid is the default option
-- if no other options are provided.
-- Currently, four grids are supported.  More may be easily added.
set lindenOptions to ""

set localStandalone to " -loginuri http://vw.server.lan:9000 -loginpage http://vw.server.lan/opensim/index.html"

set localGrid to " -loginuri http://vw.server.lan:8000 -loginpage http://vw.server.lan/opensim/index.html"

set osGridOptions to " -loginuri -loginpage -helperuri"
-- Display dialog and select the viewer.
set dialogResult to display dialog "Choose viewer:
1) 2nd Life viewer
2) Emerald viewer:" default answer "1" with title "Select Viewer" with icon 1

set option to text returned of dialogResult

if option = "2" then
	set viewer to emeraldViewer
	set viewer to lindenViewer
end if
-- Display dialog and select the grid.
set dialogResult to display dialog "Choose server:
1) 2nd Life grid
2) local standalone
3) local grid
4) OS Grid" default answer "2" with title "Select Grid" with icon 1

set grid to text returned of dialogResult

if grid = "1" then
	set options to lindenOptions
else if grid = "2" then
	set options to localStandalone
else if grid = "3" then
	set options to localGrid
else if grid = "4" then
	set options to osGridOptions
	set options to localStandalone
end if
-- Combine the grid and viewer and execute the result.
set command to viewer & options
do shell script command

Linden Viewer options

The Linden viewer has a number of other options. Some are useful, some are not. The viewer has a help option which produces the following results:

 --autologin           log in as last saved user
 --channel arg         n/a
 --console arg         n/a
 --cooperative arg     Yield some idle time to local host.
 --crashonstartup      Crashes on startup. For QA use.
 --debugviews          n/a
 --drop arg            n/a
 --god                 Log in a god if you have god access.
 --grid arg            Specify the name of the grid, local, or an IP address 
                       to connect to.
 -h [ --help ]         display this help message
 --helperuri arg       helper web CGI prefix to use
 --ignorepixeldepth    Ignore pixel depth settings.
 --inbw arg            n/a
 --logfile arg         n/a
 --login args          3 tokens: first, last and password
 --loginpage arg       Login authentication page to use.
 --loginuri arg        login server and CGI script to use
 --multiple            Allow multple viewers.
 --no-verify-ssl-cert  n/a
 --noaudio             n/a
 --noinvlib            Do not request the inventory library.
 --nopreload           n/a
 --noprobe             n/a
 --noquicktime         n/a
 --nosound             n/a
 --novoice             Disable voice.
 --outbw arg           n/a
 --port arg            n/a
 --purge               Delete files in the cache.
 --qa                  Activated debugging menu in Advanced Settings.
 --quitafter arg       n/a
 --rotate              n/a
 --safe                Reset preferences, run in safe mode.
 --set args             specify the value of a particular
                                      configuration variable that
                                      overrides all other settings
 --setdefault args      specify the value of a particular
                                      configuration variable which can be
                                      overridden by settings.xml
 --settings arg        Specify the filename of a configuration file.
 --skin arg            ui/branding skin folder to use
 --slurl arg           Startup SLurl
 --url arg             Startup location
 --psn arg             MacOSX process serial number

The above described methods work for the SecondLife viewer, other viewers that support the GridInfo protocol won't need this.

Alternative Connection Approaches

Via a Web Browser

You can also set up a Browser Protocol Handler which will make opensim:// links in your browser do the expected thing, and launch the right OpenSim viewer.

Via Rezme


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