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If you find a viewer which can connect to OpenSimulator then please add it to the bottom of the appropriate list.


Viewers with Grid Selector and Grid Manager

Below are viewers that have both a grid selector and a "Grid Manager". It enables you to select one of the many grids, including a grid or region on localhost (your own PC). There is also a UI interface to allow you to modify or add connection settings to these grids.

  • Hippo Viewer - a fork of version 1.23 of the Linden Client with OpenSimulator specific enhancements
  • Imprudence Innovative viewer with a high focus on OpenSimulator (good OSSL support). Highly popular amongst users on OSGrid.
  • Phoenix Viewer Based on the now discontinued Emerald Viewer (which was based on the 1.23 LL viewer), one of the most popular viewers. Combines many improvements and features from different viewers. (Not fully supported)
  • Singularity - A V1 based viewer, with the all the good stuff from v2/3 added. Supports Mesh, OSSL, LightShare, multiple attachments, and more.
  • Cool VL Viewer - the oldest of all actively maintained Third Party Viewers (former name: Cool SL Viewer), fully OpenSimulator compatible. It also got support for Mesh, Alpha, Tattoos and Physics, multiple attachments per joint, multiple clothing layers, inventory links, etc...
  • Firestorm viewer v3 based TPV, touted as Phoenix's successor.
  • Zen viewer A Second Life® and OpenSim V3-Viewer for the Windows OS.
  • Lumiya viewer - A Second Life and OpenSimulator viewer for Android.

Viewers with Grid Selector Only

These viewers don't have a Grid Manager, but you can a grid from a list, including localhost. You may need to manually edit a configuration file in order to connect to grids that are not originally included.

  • Kokua v2/3 based successor of Imprudence. Currently in alpha/experimental stage.

Viewers without Grid Selector

Note: After LL 3.3.4, the --loginuri parameter was removed from the official Linden viewer. There is now no simple way to use this viewer to log in to OpenSimulator.. You will need to launch this viewer with a --loginuri command line parameter to connect to OpenSimulator grids. See [1] for the syntax of this command, or visit the support section on the homepage of your preferred grid.

Text-only Viewers

These are lightweight viewers, which either do not offer a graphical component or where the graphical component is not used by deault. The function of these viewers however is to connect to a grid, chat, manage inventory, etc. Useful on systems with low specifications or for bringing an alt online without having your main avatar log out, or to quickly take care of messages, inventory, etc.

Inactive Viewers

  • RealXtend - a fork of the 1.23 Linden Client that has specialized features (not fully supported.)
  • Idealist viewer
  • 3Di viewer
  • Xenki, an XBAP 3D application intended to be a browser add-on for OpenSimulator.
  • Looking Glass viewer, Discontinued. Only OSGrid, ScienceSim and localhost are available from the list.
  • Dolphin Viewer v3 based viewer, but v1 and v2 based versions are also available. Contains modifications which are useful for building, sailing, and for using vehicles. No longer supports OpenSimulator with new versions due to LL licensing changes and code constraints. Last version 3.3.19 that works with OpenSimulator still available.

Feature Table

Based on Version Grid
Graphical Mesh OSSL
LightShare [1] Parcel
Windlight [2]
Operating System Notes
RealXtend Naali n/a  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Windows version availableMacOSX version available [3]
Hippo Viewer v1 X X X X X Windows version availableLinux version available  
Imprudence v1 X X X X Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  
Phoenix Viewer v1 X X X Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  
Singularity v1 X Windows version availableLinux version available  
Cool VL Viewer v1 X X Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  
Kokua v2/3 X X X X Linux version available [4]
Looking Glass viewer  ? X  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Windows version available  
Second Life Viewer v2/3 X X X X X Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  
Firestorm viewer v2/3 X X X Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  
Radegast Metaverse Client n/a X Text client
with graphical
X X X  ? Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  
Idealist viewer  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?   [5]
3Di viewer Browser  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Windows version available  
Xenki Browser  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?   [5]
Dolphin Viewer v1/2/3 X √ (v2/3) X X X √ (v2/3) Windows version availableMacOSX version availableLinux version available  


  • #1 LightShare is a method for altering WindLight settings on a parcel or region by means of a script. See Lightshare.
  • #2 The Parcel Windlight referred to here, is a Phoenix/Firestorm feature which lets parcel owners define a windlight setting which is to be applied to a user's viewer if the viewer supports it, and if the visitor has enabled that feature. See the Parcel WL article on the Phoenix wiki for more info.
  • #3 RealXtend requires an additional module to be active on OpenSimulator. See ModRex.
  • #4 Data based on Kokua-3.0.0-WIP [2], may soon be out of date!
  • #5 Only source code is provided. No precompiled binaries!

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