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GDPR (big surprise ;-)
HTML-formatted notecards
Forced rebake after TP

[11:04] Andrew.Hellershanks Welcome everyone to another gathering.
[11:05] Andrew.Hellershanks The flood of GDPR related privacy notice changes appears to have died down.
[11:06] George Equus: hmmm dunno about that, still getting some every day
[11:06] Bill.Blight Same here
[11:06] Andrew.Hellershanks My count stopped at 18.
[11:06] Bill.Blight I'm up over 30
[11:06] Andrew.Hellershanks ouch.
[11:06] George Equus: not counting
[11:06] Andrew.Hellershanks I was expecting to have received a lot more.
[11:07] Bill.Blight I'm not really counting, but have a folder I put those things in in my email, so it counts for me ...
[11:07] Selby.Evans anythin I should add here:
[11:07] Leighton.Marjoram it has slowed to a trickle for me thank goodness
[11:07] Andrew.Hellershanks Bill, same here. I just toss them in to a single folder.
[11:08] George Equus: bin is a better place  :) IMHO
[11:09] Ubit Umarov: you can also see yr uuid on yr profile ( FS at least )
[11:10] Andrew.Hellershanks Singularity also shows your avatars UUID in your profile.
[11:10] Bill.Blight You might update the post to let people know if they need their avatars UUID in the profile
[11:10] Bill.Blight Oh , andrew typed faster
[11:10] Bill.Blight same in Firestorm
[11:10] Andrew.Hellershanks Bill, :)
[11:10] Ubit Umarov: i already said that.. yr so slow today bill
[11:10] Ubit Umarov: :p
[11:10] Selby.Evans I can't see my profile in FS
[11:10] George Equus: button in there to copy it
[11:11] Ubit Umarov: guess HG issue selby.Evans , check when you return kitely
[11:12] Bill.Blight your profile does not have to load to see your key, it is right under your name on your profile
[11:12] Bill.Blight Key:
[11:13] Ubit Umarov: well it also shows others uuids
[11:13] Bill.Blight yes anybody that you view their profile
[11:13] Bill.Blight UUIDs are not some great secret
[11:14] George Equus: looking at Selbys now  :) very pretty
[11:14] Ubit Umarov: yeah we can see selby. profile
[11:14] Bill.Blight yep
[11:15] Ubit Umarov: and he can't lol :)
[11:15] Selby.Evans I will add that possibity im the article
[11:15] Ubit Umarov: yeah easier than a script
[11:16] Leighton.Marjoram maybe change the word forced from this sentence "Handling addresses is a little more complicated and the European GDPR has forced an extra step when you first go to a grid. Here are the details."
[11:16] Bill.Blight Also just a commentary,
[11:17] Bill.Blight was going to point that out leighton
[11:17] Andrew.Hellershanks What word would you suggest, Leighton?
[11:18] Bill.Blight maybe the word "required" rather than forced, nobody is forcing anybody to do anything they don't want to do ..
[11:18] Ubit Umarov: well guess that also only applies to european users :)
[11:18] Ubit Umarov: at least until US decides to follow eu on that
[11:18] Bill.Blight Yes Ubit, but why not be a good guy and tell everyone what data you are collecting
[11:19] Leighton.Marjoram The aim of the new European GDPR is to make data processing more transparent as a consequence of this on your first teleport to a grid you will encounter an additional step. Here are the details.
[11:19] Leighton.Marjoram something like that
[11:19] Ubit Umarov: well anyone should know that using hg
[11:19] Ubit Umarov: or web
[11:19] Bill.Blight yeah but 90% seem like they don't
[11:20] Bill.Blight "OMG you are collecting data on me, how dare you view my IP"
[11:20] Ubit Umarov: amasing the things browsers send on headers on connections to web sites
[11:20] Bill.Blight yep
[11:20] Leighton.Marjoram [Edit]"The aim of the new European GDPR is to make data processing and your data subject rights more transparent as a consequence of this on your first teleport to a grid you will encounter an additional step. Here are the details."[/Edit]
[11:20] Ubit Umarov: yeah not seeing a IP on ethernet funny :)
[11:20] Bill.Blight I know right
[11:21] Andrew.Hellershanks It is a bit like how websites have to point out their website uses cookies on their website and wants you to indicate your acceptance of that. People should know that cookies are being used.
[11:21] George Equus: not to mention Microsoft, facebook Apple... and all the rest
[11:21] Bill.Blight yep
[11:21] Bill.Blight the cookie consent is basically the same thing
[11:21] Bill.Blight as the HG GDPR
[11:22] Sheera Khan: One question out of interest: would it take changes to the opensim code if a viewer would add HTML-support for notecads? I guess the server would simply treat is as a textfile with some obscure angle brackets in it, right? Might it be advisable to use some different asset-type tag for those HTML notecards though? That way a window could render HTML-content differently from pure ASCII text
[11:22] Bill.Blight Anybody that thinks this exchange if information is a new thing, really should box up their computer and take it back to the store
[11:22] Sheera Khan: (just to change the topic a bit from the GDPR^^)
[11:23] Ubit Umarov: no idea sheera.Khan
[11:23] Bill.Blight well, that would have to include viewer support as well Sheera
[11:23] Ubit Umarov: what http suport ?
[11:24] Bill.Blight since the viewer presents the note
[11:24] Sheera Khan: HTML not HTTP ^^
[11:24] Selby.Evans The grid operators require consent by all users, not just EU people.
[11:24] Bill.Blight the server is just storing the data, the viewer presents it
[11:24] Ubit Umarov: you mean notecard content in html ?
[11:24] Andrew.Hellershanks Sheera, I don't see why OS would treat it any differently than a regular notecard. You might need a magic string to indicate the NC uses HTML but it would be a viewer side thing to deal with it.
[11:25] Sheera Khan: jepp, that was my idea Ubit
[11:25] Ubit Umarov: for regions its still just text
[11:25] Bill.Blight You could put html tags in notecards now, the server should store them, but the viewer just does not know what to do with them
[11:26] Sheera Khan: Sure thing, the viewer would need to display (render) it
[11:27] Ubit Umarov: just a change on the notecards editor i guess
[11:27] Sheera Khan: that was my thinking too
[11:28] unregi Resident: you can always let the script make a http Server, that sends that html that you set in the notecard, and set the prim to media and point it to the URL of it
[11:28] Ubit Umarov: well it does know about lms
[11:29] unregi Resident: thats what i did with one HUD i made
[11:29] George Equus: Bill, I believe data collection really took off when Apple got going, then MS followed the practice.
[11:29] Ubit Umarov: apple? don't u mean google ?
[11:30] Sheera Khan: for educational purposes a user would like to have formatted text in NCs, that's why I asked
[11:30] George Equus: didn't exist back then
[11:30] Bill.Blight I was in telecom for years, data has been collected for years, just how it is collected has changed
[11:30] George Equus: right....
[11:30] Bill.Blight that and the fact that people tend to offer their personal lives up on a plate these days
[11:31] George Equus: right again baffles me personally
[11:31] Ubit Umarov: yeap
[11:31] Bill.Blight and then complain when someone uses that data
[11:32] Ubit Umarov: well on code fornt, things from my side are a bit slower now
[11:32] George Equus: once on the net it stay there and can be used by anyone for any purpose, legal or not
[11:33] Ubit Umarov: i have more time restrictions now
[11:33] Sheera Khan: meeeh :-( But I hope that's good for you ;-)
[11:33] LaNani Sundara: i have added automatic rebake and reload of attachments of an avie as soon it arrives in a region
[11:34] Ubit Umarov: i have 2 emails about minor issues ( occasional null references)
[11:34] Andrew.Hellershanks Any thoughts about the red text thrown during region shutdown when using httptests branch?
[11:35] Ubit Umarov: i use a b&w screen on opensim
[11:35] Bill.Blight HAHAHA
[11:35] Ubit Umarov: see no red :p
[11:35] LaNani Sundara: ha
[11:35] Andrew.Hellershanks :)
[11:35] Bill.Blight color blind does not count Ubit
[11:36] Andrew.Hellershanks At least you didn't say you were using a green phosphor monitor.
[11:36] Bill.Blight it's a script thread blowing up pretty sure andrew, trying to fire wile the sim is shutting down
[11:36] LaNani Sundara: hmm
[11:37] Ubit Umarov: why do you want to force rebakes lanani ?
[11:37] Andrew.Hellershanks Bill, ok.
[11:37] TG.Lucan Seems to only occur after an avatar has visited the sim, and not HG visitor.. as I recall
[11:37] LaNani Sundara: why do you think
[11:37] LaNani Sundara: so we can see them
[11:37] Ubit Umarov: dunno.. see no issues on that for a long time
[11:38] LaNani Sundara: o there are
[11:38] Sheera Khan: notknowing much about the inner workings there, but wouldn't the viewer of the visitor have the baked textures in it's cache? Then it might be easier to reupload them after a TP...
[11:38] LaNani Sundara: visit Event plaza sometimes
[11:38] Ubit Umarov: or attachments, but those sometimes its just FS messing
[11:38] LaNani Sundara: or LBSA
[11:38] LaNani Sundara: well it helps :)
[11:38] Ubit Umarov: aren't the most light things
[11:40] LaNani Sundara: i use individual presence locking not scene wide in my avatarfacory, and its done in a thread
[11:41] Ubit Umarov: hmm yeap i keep forgetting reviewing that on core
[11:41] LaNani Sundara: hmm
[11:41] Ubit Umarov: but not a major issue
[11:42] LaNani Sundara: i have been using individual locks for appearance updates for ... at least half a year
[11:42] Ubit Umarov: yes the time in forgetting about it :p
[11:42] LaNani Sundara: whatever
[11:42] Ubit Umarov: you told me then, remember? :)
[11:43] LaNani Sundara: i know i did
[11:43] LaNani Sundara: i have tried to tell you many things
[11:43] Ubit Umarov: yeah and i keep forgetting :)
[11:43] LaNani Sundara: and i have stopped sharing cos if it
[11:43] Ubit Umarov: well and today will not be the day i look ;)
[11:44] Andrew Hellershanks: LaNani, Have you posted the code to a bug report?
[11:44] Ubit Umarov: well thats yr call..
[11:44] LaNani Sundara: O.o
[11:44] LaNani Sundara: its not a bug
[11:44] LaNani Sundara: lol its a feature
[11:44] Ubit Umarov: that one was not one i did refused :p
[11:45] Ubit Umarov: just beeing low priority issue, keep forgetting :p
[11:45] Andrew Hellershanks: Bug tracking systems have been used for feature requests at times. :)
[11:45] LaNani Sundara: i have about 27 different modules compared to master dev
[11:46] LaNani Sundara: and 3 grids run on my version, that i know of
[11:47] Ubit Umarov: nice, and your point is?
[11:47] LaNani Sundara: that you do not always listen, or forget
[11:47] LaNani Sundara: and that i just go ahead and do my own thing then
[11:48] Ubit Umarov: well its opensource for a reason...
[11:48] LaNani Sundara: *nods
[11:48] LaNani Sundara: no hard feelings
[11:49] Ubit Umarov: guess not even soft :p
[11:49] LaNani Sundara: :p

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