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[11:00]  Dutchy Daredevil is Online
[11:00]  Teleport completed from
[11:00]  The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Click this message for details.
[11:01]  BlueWall Slade: Hi Bri
[11:01]  Richardus Raymaker: hi justin
[11:01]  Justin Clark-Casey: hi Richardus, hi folks
[11:01]  BlueWall Slade: Hello
[11:01]  Dutchy Daredevil: hi bri
[11:01]  Richardus Raymaker: hi all
[11:01]  Richardus Raymaker is Online
[11:01]  Dutchy Daredevil: hi R
[11:01]  Master Dubrovna: Hi Rich, JCC, Bri
[11:02]  Dutchy Daredevil: hi justin
[11:02]  Dutchy Daredevil: hi Unknown
[11:02]  Justin Clark-Casey: have we lost the ability to sit down?
[11:03]  Bri Hasp: hehe tired?
[11:03]  Richardus Raymaker is Offline
[11:03]  BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:03]  Richardus Raymaker: no. i sit
[11:03]  BlueWall Slade: wheee
[11:03]  Justin Clark-Casey: that's better
[11:03]  Richardus Raymaker is Online
[11:03]  Bri Hasp: in my viewer y'all are sitting.. except JCC ..up n downzy
[11:04]  Justin Clark-Casey: in my viewer y'all standing, apart from me
[11:04]  Richardus Raymaker: JCC is sitting to
[11:04]  Bri Hasp: now he is
[11:04]  Sarah Kline: hi all
[11:04]  Richardus Raymaker: only sarah(hi) and someone else are clouds
[11:04]  BlueWall Slade: Hello
[11:04]  Justin Clark-Casey: hi sarah
[11:04]  Master Dubrovna: Hi Sarah
[11:04]  Richardus Raymaker: aha bri is cloud
[11:04]  Master Dubrovna: Sarah and Bri is a cloud
[11:04]  Bri Hasp: I m on newest imprudence 1.04 or so
[11:05]  Bri Hasp: looking
[11:05]  Richardus Raymaker: the are nothing for me now
[11:05]  Richardus Raymaker: aha sarah is back
[11:05]  Sarah Kline: everybodys just popped into view now and in full color
[11:05]  Master Dubrovna: Sarah rezzed
[11:05]  Sarah Kline: yay
[11:05]  Bri Hasp: 1.4.0
[11:05]  Sarah Kline: except Bri
[11:05]  Sarah Kline: )
[11:06]  Andrew Hellershanks: Did I miss something? Why is everyone standing?
[11:06]  Nebadon Izumi: hello everyone sorry was afk a sec
[11:06]  Nebadon Izumi: reading back
[11:06]  Bri Hasp: hiza Nebs
[11:06]  Justin Clark-Casey: I',m not sure why the sitting is failing a bit either
[11:06]  Sarah Kline: our anims havent loaded for you yet
[11:06]  BlueWall Slade: I think the sim is taking a little time to update new avatars
[11:06]  Nebadon Izumi: everyone looks to be sitting for me
[11:06]  BlueWall Slade: me too
[11:07]  Nebadon Izumi: chances are its because the sit post has not loaded for you yet
[11:07]  Nebadon Izumi: give it a minute
[11:07]  Andrew Hellershanks: yes, they are now but weren't when I first arrived
[11:07]  Justin Clark-Casey: possibly there are dropped packets which now won't be received
[11:07]  Justin Clark-Casey: there's nothing more in the queues
[11:07]  Justin Clark-Casey: I recommend standing and then sitting again :)
[11:08]  Bri Hasp: Sure wish you smart folk would cure the 'herky jerkys' that have creeped in
[11:08]  Richardus Raymaker: wow, that are a ots of oflfine messgaes from 1 user in a row
[11:08]  Justin Clark-Casey: herky jerkys?
[11:08]  Richardus Raymaker: that offline/online messages start to go out of control
[11:08]  Andrew Hellershanks: Ricardus, you must be popular
[11:08]  Bri Hasp: I observe 'herky jerkey' behavior with vehicles and flying on recent releases
[11:08]  Richardus Raymaker: you mean the small hicks in terrain movement ?
[11:08]  Justin Clark-Casey: have you tried the queuetest branch?
[11:09]  Nebadon Izumi: Bri
[11:09]  Nebadon Izumi: its fixed
[11:09]  Nebadon Izumi: in the Intel branch
[11:09]  Bri Hasp: I go 20 m forward the it jumps back 4 m.. approx distances
[11:09]  Nebadon Izumi: will be hitting core soon
[11:09]  Richardus Raymaker: ?? Bri not seen that problem
[11:09]  Nebadon Izumi: my Racer works like 90% better in the intel branch
[11:09]  Bri Hasp: this osg /bin is bad with that
[11:09]  Richardus Raymaker: i skipped last week osgrid version
[11:09]  Bri Hasp: my best sailing is on the Diva D2 mega 16 from back in oct 2010
[11:10]  BlueWall Slade: how are the boat scripts progressing?
[11:10]  Bri Hasp: ty Nebs.. gglad someone else has seen it
[11:10]  Richardus Raymaker: only thing that i see back is regions that jump to 100%+ cpu after some days. (lots of traffic i guess)
[11:10]  Sarah Kline: have we got the boat steering any smoother?
[11:10]  Richardus Raymaker: and undo is still like playin with fireworks
[11:11]  BlueWall Slade: lol rira
[11:11]  Justin Clark-Casey: that doesn't surprise me
[11:11]  Richardus Raymaker: about verhicles, did we not have a train script on wright ?> cant find it
[11:11]  Bri Hasp: yes those aspects get better
[11:11]  Nebadon Izumi: no Richardus
[11:11]  Nebadon Izumi: i can pass it too you after the meeting though
[11:11]  Nebadon Izumi: its horrible horrible script though
[11:11]  Andrew Hellershanks: train script? I'd like to look at that
[11:11]  Nebadon Izumi: it only runs for a minute or too then dies
[11:11]  Richardus Raymaker: still like to try it in my boxed sandbox. so verhicles can normally not escape
[11:11]  Nebadon Izumi: ok remind me at end of the meeting
[11:12]  Richardus Raymaker: ok
[11:12]  Bri Hasp: :).. Ineed to drag a SL boat creator back to us
[11:12]  Richardus Raymaker: is there not a way to dump avatar attachment trash not at 0.0.0 ?
[11:12]  Nebadon Izumi: btw guys i have some updates
[11:12]  Richardus Raymaker: ok
[11:12]  Nebadon Izumi: I created a crontask today that will clear out the all search results every sunday night
[11:13]  Nebadon Izumi: its going to clear all parcels, objects and parcelsales
[11:13]  Nebadon Izumi: hopefully by the morning it will be fully repopulated
[11:13]  Nebadon Izumi: this will clear out all the dead stuff thogh
[11:13]  Nebadon Izumi: it should cut down on some console spew
[11:13]  Richardus Raymaker: sounds great. more uptodate search resuklts
[11:13]  Nebadon Izumi: its set for 11:30pm every Sunday
[11:13]  Andrew Hellershanks: Hope it doesn't collide with automatic updates done via the search script.
[11:14]  Nebadon Izumi: its not clearing out the hostregister
[11:14]  Nebadon Izumi: so it should be fine Andrew
[11:14]  Dutchy Daredevil: utc time Ne ??
[11:14]  Nebadon Izumi: i am thinking about having hostregister blow out once a month
[11:14]  Andrew Hellershanks: No, I was thinking of it just updating the data at the time the table is getting cleared
[11:14]  Dutchy Daredevil: NEB ?
[11:14]  Nebadon Izumi: but not sure, everyone will have to restart thier sims if i do that
[11:14]  Nebadon Izumi: it should be fine Andrew
[11:14]  Nebadon Izumi: worst case they get purged out and have to wait an hour or two to get back in
[11:14]  Richardus Raymaker: if we now can find a way to keep not TPable sims away from, map. then dont hit always failed TP's
[11:15]  Andrew Hellershanks: right
[11:15]  Nebadon Izumi: hmm its not UTC i dont think
[11:15]  Nebadon Izumi: maybe it is
[11:15]  Nebadon Izumi: let me double check that
[11:15]  Nebadon Izumi: no its PDT
[11:15]  Nebadon Izumi: 11:30PM PDT
[11:15]  Richardus Raymaker: hmm, blow hots and require restart that sound complex.
[11:16]  Dutchy Daredevil: lol
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: ya im still thinking about it Richardus
[11:16]  Richardus Raymaker: i cant see when my region is wiped from grid database
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: people will eventually restart anyway
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: no
[11:16]  Richardus Raymaker: so cant do autorestart
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: not the Regions Table
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: regions table will never get cleared
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: this is the hostregister table for ossearch
[11:16]  Nebadon Izumi: its a list of regions that is polls everytime the parser runs
[11:17]  Nebadon Izumi: there are tons of dead regions on the list
[11:17]  Nebadon Izumi: if i clear it out once a month the parsing will go a lot faster
[11:17]  Richardus Raymaker: aaah. hmm. can not some auto update impemented in opensim that automatic kids back ito search ?
[11:17]  Andrew Hellershanks: hm... I'll check the parser. It should skip regions that have had too many errors.
[11:17]  Richardus Raymaker: aah, i understand neb, yes dead regions
[11:17]  Nebadon Izumi: im still contemplating it
[11:17]  Nebadon Izumi: it wont happen today
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: and it really wont have too much effect
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: you just might find that your sims are no longer in search
[11:18]  Richardus Raymaker: NEB, can bad regions not be deleted from hostregister when the fail ? like you do with grid cleaner ?
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: but as soon as you restart they would be back on the register
[11:18]  Andrew Hellershanks: Not a bad idea to clear things out here since you have to deal with regions going offline.
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: and parsed within a few hours at most
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: ya
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: i think it will cut down on a lot of console spew
[11:18]  Nebadon Izumi: wierd errors about not being able to reach a certain region etc..
[11:19]  Richardus Raymaker: hehe, the cant TP errors i most times get if i try to explorer
[11:19]  Richardus Raymaker: i think try to combine grid cleaner with hostregister cleaner
[11:19]  Nebadon Izumi: ya, plus there will be alot less failed teleports on search results
[11:20]  Nebadon Izumi: it will still happen, but should down on failures a bit
[11:20]  Nebadon Izumi: cut down*
[11:20]  Nebadon Izumi: there are lots of cool things in the works though
[11:21]  Nebadon Izumi: Intel is optimizing network stuff quite a bit
[11:21]  Nebadon Izumi: i have been testing on OKC Sandbox
[11:21]  Nebadon Izumi: so far everythings been great
[11:21]  Penny Lane is Online
[11:21]  Nebadon Izumi: Melanie is working on Coalesced Objects
[11:21]  Nebadon Izumi: though its not working just yet on OSgrid
[11:21]  Nebadon Izumi: seems like it sorta works on Standalones though
[11:21]  Bri Hasp: does anyone know if Diva has abandoned her D2 or just in a hold ?
[11:21]  Andrew Hellershanks: neb, I just checked the search parser. It doesn't skip regions where the failcounter has reached too high a value. It would be easy to add that as an extra WHERE clause in the main query.
[11:22]  Justin Clark-Casey: they also won't work properly on hypergrid or iars atm
[11:22]  Nebadon Izumi: Justin is working on Parcel Prim count stuff
[11:22]  Nebadon Izumi: nice
[11:22]  Nebadon Izumi: that would be great Andrew
[11:22]  Andrew Hellershanks: ok. I'll make it a configurable limit.
[11:22]  Nebadon Izumi: thanks
[11:22]  Penny Lane waves Hi to all
[11:22]  Sarah Kline: hi Penny
[11:22]  Justin Clark-Casey: hey penny
[11:22]  Nebadon Izumi: also I restored the web based name2key system
[11:22]  BlueWall Slade: hi Penny
[11:22]  Bri Hasp: Hi Penny
[11:22]  Andrew Hellershanks: Hi, Penny
[11:22]  Richardus Raymaker: yes prim count i have seen fails also on no parcel sims
[11:23]  Nebadon Izumi:
[11:23]  Richardus Raymaker: hi penny
[11:23]  Nebadon Izumi: you can see examples of how it works above
[11:23]  Andrew Hellershanks: I thought we have an os function that does name to key. Do we also need a web service?
[11:23]  Nebadon Izumi: some people might
[11:23]  Nebadon Izumi: the person who asked about it
[11:23]  Nebadon Izumi: needed it for a website based delivery system
[11:23]  Andrew Hellershanks: ok
[11:23]  Nebadon Izumi: so they could resolve a persons UUID from their user name
[11:24]  Nebadon Izumi: but yes there are also better methods for inworld use
[11:24]  Nebadon Izumi: I have also made the abilty to check a users last login
[11:24]  Justin Clark-Casey: there's an os key 2 name function, can't see a name to key unless it doesn't have the obvious name
[11:24]  Nebadon Izumi: this is helpful for people hosting free land
[11:24]  Justin Clark-Casey: oh, osAvatarName2Key()
[11:24]  Nebadon Izumi: we are using this now on SeaPrior Plaza and Teravus Plaza
[11:24]  Richardus Raymaker: the lsl version dont work ?
[11:24]  Justin Clark-Casey: meeeeeehhh, inconsistencyu
[11:25]  Nebadon Izumi: so we can determine if people are actually using their parcels or not
[11:25]  Andrew Hellershanks: Justin, osAvatarName2Key
[11:25]  Nebadon Izumi: ya that is good
[11:25]  Nebadon Izumi: but it also requires OSSL is enabled on the sim
[11:25]  Nebadon Izumi: not everyone has that
[11:26]  Nebadon Izumi: but technically you could use the web based version in other grids and your standalones as well
[11:26]  Nebadon Izumi: for cross grid delivery systems and stuff
[11:26]  Bri Hasp: if you add it to your bin.. that'l get 90% +
[11:26]  Nebadon Izumi: communications systems
[11:26]  Andrew Hellershanks: Justin, you could deprecate that function and create a new one with a better name
[11:26]  Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, not top of my list of priorities ;)
[11:26]  Richardus Raymaker: :) if you give justin a box of time
[11:26]  Justin Clark-Casey dreams of creating an interpreted script engine so that modules can just add their own methods
[11:27]  Bri Hasp: (hands box over)
[11:27]  Luisillo Contepomi: (((hello all)))
[11:27]  Andrew Hellershanks: I could do up a patch if you give me the name you would like to use.
[11:27]  Justin Clark-Casey: heh, if only
[11:27]  Richardus Raymaker: hello
[11:27]  Justin Clark-Casey: hi luisillo
[11:27]  Justin Clark-Casey: tbh, I imagine it has been osAvatarName2Key() for a while - for now I could just leave it unless someone is both bothered + has time
[11:28]  Justin Clark-Casey: arguably the other one could be osAvatarKey2Name()
[11:28]  Justin Clark-Casey: oh well
[11:28]  Andrew Hellershanks: I have time but it doesn't bother me.
[11:28]  Justin Clark-Casey: bigger fish to fry
[11:28]  Andrew Hellershanks: yup
[11:28]  Andrew Hellershanks: BTW, I finally posted my blobs on disk stuff to mantis.
[11:28]  Justin Clark-Casey: andrew: which number?
[11:28]  Richardus Raymaker: nebadon, your still on mono 2.6.4 ?
[11:29]  Andrew Hellershanks: Bug #5429 for those who are interested in taking a look.
[11:29]  Nebadon Izumi: hmm
[11:29]  Nebadon Izumi: i just saw that Groups spew on my OKC Tower region justin
[11:29]  Nebadon Izumi: litereally with in the last 5 minutes
[11:30]  Andrew Hellershanks: The patch will spew messages to the console as I still have debugging stuff in there that I was using to verify the asset save/get was working reliably.
[11:30]  Justin Clark-Casey: andrew: cool - might still be worth marking as patch included so I remember to take a look. I presume you'd like feedback?
[11:30]  Andrew Hellershanks: If you try it, back up your database first in case you might want to unpatch the code.
[11:30]  Justin Clark-Casey: I have searches which list all the stuff in patch included state
[11:30]  Justin Clark-Casey: nebadon: pastebin again?
[11:30]  Andrew Hellershanks: Justin, sure. I don't know enough about C# or OpenSIm to know the best way to make it an optional feature.
[11:31]  Justin Clark-Casey: andrew: I think the usual jiggering with config but I would need to take a look
[11:31]  Justin Clark-Casey: my next good opportunity might be friday
[11:32]  Justin Clark-Casey listens to the tumbleweed
[11:33]  Andrew Hellershanks: ok, includes patch flag set
[11:33]  Justin Clark-Casey: thx
[11:34]  Nebadon Izumi: heh
[11:34]  Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, I'm just in the middle of looking to fix llGetParcelPrimCount() to use the newer prim count code
[11:34]  Andrew Hellershanks: np. The part that is beyond my knowledge right now is if the asset save/get could be accessible to all database uses similiar to how something else in the code was recently updated to use some kind of access method
[11:35]  Justin Clark-Casey: then I hope to build sqlite for mac properly when I get my mini dvi -> vga connector
[11:35]  BlueWall Slade: cool
[11:35]  Richardus Raymaker: you have alrwady your mac justin ?
[11:35]  Justin Clark-Casey: yep, but no suitable graphics connector
[11:35]  BlueWall Slade: not a notebook?
[11:35]  Richardus Raymaker: that you have done fast, cool
[11:35]  Justin Clark-Casey: and I'm too cheap to rush out and pay a premium at pc world :)
[11:35]  Justin Clark-Casey: mac mini
[11:36]  Justin Clark-Casey: I have other things I also need to do anyway
[11:36]  BlueWall Slade: you can't take that to Starbucks
[11:36]  Justin Clark-Casey: exactly :)
[11:36]  BlueWall Slade: lol
[11:36]  Andrew Hellershanks: A mac mini isn't mini enough to be portable?
[11:36]  Richardus Raymaker: the macmini is fine
[11:37]  Justin Clark-Casey: you'd need to lug around a screen as well
[11:37]  Richardus Raymaker: but the screen carry so difficult
[11:37]  Andrew Hellershanks: ah, right.
[11:37]  BlueWall Slade: wi-fi + android
[11:37]  Andrew Hellershanks: Use one of those really thin machines or the all in ones that are a screen with everything crammed in.
[11:38]  Bri Hasp: ha ..try on a Nexus One
[11:38]  Justin Clark-Casey: or I could buy a macbook pro....
[11:38]  BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:38]  Justin Clark-Casey: I seriuosly thought about it but couldn't quite justify the expense
[11:39]  Andrew Hellershanks: yeah, mac's are still quite pricey compared to non-Mac machines.
[11:39]  Justin Clark-Casey: any other opensim issues this week?
[11:40]  Bri Hasp: you can build a decent HTPC for $200 on Win7 theses days
[11:40]  Richardus Raymaker: mac mini chepeast. start at 699 euro on apple store.
[11:40]  Andrew Hellershanks: Those soft-linking changes melanie is making, is it "complete" yet, or are there more patches needed to make it work?
[11:40]  Nebadon Izumi: hmm I can not really think of anything Justin
[11:40]  Nebadon Izumi: oh so you never got the Mac Justin?
[11:41]  Justin Clark-Casey: nebadon: I got it - just don't have the right connector for my old vga monitors
[11:41]  Nebadon Izumi: oh heh
[11:41]  Bri Hasp: will chat later in IRC Nebs later, on 'herky jerkey' behavior fix
[11:41]  Nebadon Izumi: ok bri
[11:41]  Nebadon Izumi: i'll be around
[11:41]  Bri Hasp: is a major pain
[11:41]  Nebadon Izumi: ya
[11:41]  Nebadon Izumi: its just a matter of changing to the "queuetest" branch
[11:41]  Justin Clark-Casey: andrew: It doesn't look like they are complete - and at the moment they don't play nicely with certain aspects of iar saving and probably not with certain aspects of the hypergrid (e.g. texture transfer)
[11:42]  Justin Clark-Casey: bri: I believe Mic (Intel) would appreciate testing of that branch
[11:42]  Nebadon Izumi: ya for sure
[11:42]  Bri Hasp: will do
[11:42]  Justin Clark-Casey: he's the kind of developer who likes to make sure things work to a certain degree before chucking them in core
[11:42]  Nebadon Izumi: ya plus they are not quite done yet
[11:42]  Nebadon Izumi: they are more good stuff coming soon
[11:42]  Justin Clark-Casey: oh cool
[11:43]  Nebadon Izumi: Mic Bowman and Dan Lake are working on fixing alot of the network issues
[11:43]  Richardus Raymaker: thats only way to get and keep a stable opensim. regions run now easy 16 days. some get then a bit sluggie. but the run fine
[11:43]  Nebadon Izumi: also I might do a new OSgrid release today or in the next few days
[11:43]  Nebadon Izumi: there will be some ini changes
[11:44]  Nebadon Izumi: to both OpenSim.ini and GridCommon.ini
[11:44]  Nebadon Izumi: Mic has given me some settings that do help improve network stuff also
[11:44]  Nebadon Izumi: I will be sure to do a write up on the news page
[11:44]  Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, would be intersting to know those
[11:44]  Justin Clark-Casey: if they're unambiguous improvements they should be in core
[11:44]  Nebadon Izumi: ya i think they should be
[11:44]  Richardus Raymaker: then take your time nebadon. its not only creating the packadges but a news flash to
[11:45]  Bri Hasp: is amazing just how stable the server on Net are theses days
[11:45]  Nebadon Izumi: they modify all the settings in [ClientStack.LindenUDP] justincc
[11:46]  Justin Clark-Casey: I wish these changes wouldn't suddenly start happening just when I'm trying to get ready to branch :)
[11:46]  Nebadon Izumi: i'll get everything together and pass you the info
[11:46]  Justin Clark-Casey: bah, was quiet for weeks
[11:46]  Richardus Raymaker: Bri the are pretty stable udner linux to. offcorse 1 region sometime scrash on high cpu load
[11:46]  Nebadon Izumi: hehehe
[11:46]  Nebadon Izumi: ya things are getting beter
[11:46]  Nebadon Izumi: still lots to do, but there have been some great improvements of late
[11:47]  Bri Hasp: should I try mono again just to get 'unbored' ?
[11:47]  Justin Clark-Casey: huge amounts to do - probably event unbounded
[11:47]  Justin Clark-Casey: er, even
[11:47]  Richardus Raymaker: i still use mono 2.6.4 asked nebadon if he still ue it to
[11:47]  Justin Clark-Casey gets the feeling ubuntu is going to stick with 2.6.7 for 11.4
[11:47]  Richardus Raymaker: 2.8 seems to have problems. but i hear 2.7 must run fine ???
[11:47]  Nebadon Izumi: Justin look on the wright plaza server more of those group messages
[11:48]  Justin Clark-Casey: those look like timeouts
[11:49]  Justin Clark-Casey: unless they become a real problem I might wait until branching before taking a look
[11:49]  Justin Clark-Casey: the longer it is until we branch the more difficult this is going to be
[11:50]  BlueWall Slade: how close do you thnk it is with the things we have in now?
[11:51]  Justin Clark-Casey: Start of next week, perhaps
[11:51]  Nebadon Izumi: ok ya i'll see what Coyled thinks too
[11:51]  Nebadon Izumi: need to check our apache logs
[11:51]  BlueWall Slade: should we hold off on the network updates, or try to get some heavy testing in and inclued those too?
[11:52]  BlueWall Slade: include*
[11:52]  Justin Clark-Casey: I originally thought on holding off, but now I'm not so sure
[11:52]  Nebadon Izumi: you mean the stuff Mic is doing?
[11:52]  Andrew Hellershanks: Now that I've mostly done with the blobs on disk thing (for now), I am thinking of having another look at some of the prim linking issues.
[11:52]  Justin Clark-Casey: if they've already been well tested then it would seem okay to include them
[11:52]  BlueWall Slade: yes neb
[11:52]  Nebadon Izumi: ya might want to check with Mic
[11:52]  Nebadon Izumi: see what he thinks
[11:52]  BlueWall Slade: ok, sounds good
[11:52]  Justin Clark-Casey: honestly, I might just get this prim count done and then just branch whatever, and handle whatever cherry picking needs to be done
[11:53]  BlueWall Slade: i fthey but them in master, then they would get some more testing
[11:53]  Nebadon Izumi: ya we should check with mic though to see if they are seeing anything wierd
[11:53]  Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, we haven't seem to have got much testing of release candidates traditionally
[11:53]  Justin Clark-Casey: nebadon: oh yeah, it would be mic's decision
[11:53]  BlueWall Slade: ++
[11:55]  Andrew Hellershanks just noticed that Justin is sporting a female avatar shape today
[11:55]  Luisillo Contepomi: :)
[11:56]  Nebadon Izumi: heh probably just didnt fully load appearance
[11:56]  Andrew Hellershanks: yeah, could be
[11:56]  Andrew Hellershanks: Everyone else looks ok
[11:56]  Luisillo Contepomi: i see you as ruth
[11:56]  Andrew Hellershanks: Oh.
[11:56]  Bri Hasp: Hmm is JCC from California.. giggles
[11:56]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[11:57]  BlueWall Slade: he spent time with Zha Awry at IBM
[11:57]  Justin Clark-Casey: I'm a metrosexual
[11:57]  Sarah Kline: lol
[11:57]  Justin Clark-Casey looks forward to the day when avatar data is stored in the viewer rather than on the server
[11:57]  Andrew Hellershanks: The hour is about up and my cat is calling from me. I'm going to head out of here for this week unless anyone has any questions for me.
[11:58]  Justin Clark-Casey: bye andrew, thanks for coming
[11:58]  Andrew Hellershanks: calling for me.
[11:58]  Richardus Raymaker: bye andrew
[11:58]  Bri Hasp: be well Andrew
[11:58]  BlueWall Slade: take care Andrewe
[11:58]  Luisillo Contepomi: can i ask something about 0.7.1dev? (im only tester)
[11:58]  Justin Clark-Casey: sure luisillo
[11:58]  Nebadon Izumi: see you Andrew
[11:58]  Andrew Hellershanks: Thanks, have fun everyone.
[11:58]  Luisillo Contepomi: i have grid 2 sim (one server one region) grid and mysql in other server
[11:59]  Dutchy Daredevil: Andrew
[11:59]  Dutchy Daredevil: *-* Mmm ByE ByE *-*
[11:59]  Luisillo Contepomi: when avatar arrive to a region and have cache empty... some times region overload connection on mysql
[11:59]  Luisillo Contepomi: mysql permit 1500 simultaneus connections
[11:59]  Luisillo Contepomi: but region give red alerts... i can not connect and then
[11:59]  Luisillo Contepomi: avatar have all textures white
[12:00]  Luisillo Contepomi: all red alerts are white textures
[12:00]  Bri Hasp: bye bye.. n Bi Bi Justin :)
[12:00]  Luisillo Contepomi: crash?
[12:00]  Justin Clark-Casey: bye bri
[12:00]  Luisillo Contepomi: uf
[12:00]  BlueWall Slade: bye Bri
[12:00]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[12:01]  Penny Lane: Wasn't here for the meeting, but at least I can read back now :P
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: yes im using group module of xoopensim
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: but i try without only standalone
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: why server do not a wait or time out and give this error?1500 connections are too much connections
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: y take a oar on a standalone
[12:01]  Justin Clark-Casey: are you using a groups module?
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: and to test
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: yes
[12:01]  Justin Clark-Casey: so you see the same issue on standalone with a remote mysql server?
[12:01]  Luisillo Contepomi: objects aprox 1500 prims aprox 9000
[12:02]  Luisillo Contepomi: yes
[12:02]  Luisillo Contepomi: can not connect with asset server in red
[12:02]  Luisillo Contepomi: and give white textures
[12:02]  Luisillo Contepomi: if region have nothing.. no problem
[12:02]  Luisillo Contepomi: but when have more than 5000 objects
[12:02]  Luisillo Contepomi: solve if avatar go out clean cache... and.... reduce speed connection to 500 and draw distance to 96
[12:02]  BlueWall Slade: how about the region store, it is on the remote server too?
[12:03]  Luisillo Contepomi: all separated
[12:03]  Luisillo Contepomi: grid in one machine mysql in other machine region
[12:03]  Luisillo Contepomi: total 3 machines
[12:03]  Luisillo Contepomi: in standalone 2 machines
[12:03]  BlueWall Slade: have you tried putting it on the same host ast the region server?
[12:03]  Luisillo Contepomi: mysql have a machine only for mysql
[12:03]  Luisillo Contepomi: are in local network
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: have not connection or speed problem with mysql
[12:04]  Justin Clark-Casey: are you able to put the asset service on the same machine as the mysql instance in the grid configuration?
[12:04]  BlueWall Slade: I have run that way brefore, but with low prims
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: i monitorice mysql andsee
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: all connection are busy
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: mysql say wait ...
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: but server dont wait
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: give red error
[12:04]  Penny Lane: O.O
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[12:04]  BlueWall Slade: is the disk on the mysql server keeping up?
[12:04]  Luisillo Contepomi: solve reducing client speed connection to 500
[12:05]  Nebadon Izumi: what did you have the speed set for?
[12:05]  Luisillo Contepomi: this is only when client have 1500 speed and 255 draw distance
[12:05]  Nebadon Izumi: 1500 is probably too high
[12:05]  Nebadon Izumi: i never go above 500
[12:05]  Luisillo Contepomi: yes i think the problem is client
[12:05]  Nebadon Izumi: it runs much better at 500
[12:05]  Luisillo Contepomi: but i can not control at what speed call clients
[12:05]  Nebadon Izumi: there are settings for throttles
[12:05]  Luisillo Contepomi: then server need a system for wait or stop this downloading callings
[12:06]  BlueWall Slade: try the region database on the same host as the region
[12:06]  BlueWall Slade: see if that works
[12:06]  Luisillo Contepomi: other cuestion
[12:06]  Luisillo Contepomi: i test in windows and linux
[12:06]  Luisillo Contepomi: in windows is perfect how use memory and cpu
[12:06]  Luisillo Contepomi: but in linux... grrrrr
[12:06]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[12:07]  Luisillo Contepomi: take too much cpu some times when arrive avatar or do teleports
[12:07]  Luisillo Contepomi: in windows is perfect
[12:07]  Luisillo Contepomi: may be mono issue?
[12:07]  BlueWall Slade: if it works for you, then that should be what you use
[12:07]  BlueWall Slade: I run in Lunux
[12:07]  Penny Lane: Are the connections to the DB instrumented in Opensim, so that you can see throughputs, RTTs, wait times, etc?
[12:07]  Justin Clark-Casey: yeah,probably mono
[12:07]  Luisillo Contepomi: i run in both for test
[12:07]  Justin Clark-Casey: I can easily imagine OpenSim is simply overloading the remote server with requests
[12:08]  Justin Clark-Casey: esp if the region db isn't local
[12:08]  Penny Lane: Heh, imagining isn't measuring :P
[12:08]  Richardus Raymaker: i dont see my cpu really go up when avatar arives
[12:08]  Luisillo Contepomi: overload in regions servers not in grid or database
[12:08]  Justin Clark-Casey: penny: absolutely :D
[12:08]  Richardus Raymaker: it a dedicated p[c or vps ?
[12:08]  Luisillo Contepomi: is not big problem when i say overload is 100 of one cpu .. server have 4
[12:08]  Luisillo Contepomi: then is 25% of this machine
[12:08]  Justin Clark-Casey: luisillo: mono right now is not as efficient as windows.
[12:08]  Luisillo Contepomi: but.. in windows not more than 5%
[12:09]  Justin Clark-Casey: if you need the performance and have windows available then I would recommend running in that
[12:09]  Luisillo Contepomi: but you know server we use for productions are linux
[12:09]  Justin Clark-Casey: and if you don't mind the other tradeoffs of windows
[12:09]  Richardus Raymaker: and if you can sit next to windows .lol
[12:09]  Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, opensim could be vastly more efficient I'm sure, but in the short term there isn't anything we can do
[12:09]  Luisillo Contepomi: now are wonderfull i remember the first versions
[12:10]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[12:10]  Luisillo Contepomi: im sorry for my english
[12:10]  BlueWall Slade: it's fine
[12:10]  Justin Clark-Casey smiles
[12:10]  Luisillo Contepomi: some years ago ..
[12:10]  Luisillo Contepomi: now this is wonderful
[12:10]  Justin Clark-Casey: comparatively speaking. we've come a long way
[12:10]  Luisillo Contepomi: thank you for a good work to dev team
[12:10]  Justin Clark-Casey: though every step we take people try and do more with it, and that reveals the next set of problems :)
[12:11]  Justin Clark-Casey: it's a tremendously complicated distributed project
[12:11]  Luisillo Contepomi: yes is too complex
[12:11]  Luisillo Contepomi: i admire your work
[12:11]  Luisillo Contepomi: you are doing well
[12:11]  Luisillo Contepomi: i can not applause because have not gestures
[12:11]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[12:12]  Luisillo Contepomi: but aplause
[12:12]  Justin Clark-Casey: lol
[12:12]  Luisillo Contepomi: thank you
[12:12]  Justin Clark-Casey: ok, I need to go and do some coding
[12:12]  Richardus Raymaker: i have
[12:12]  Penny Lane claps on Luisillo's behalf :P
[12:12]  Luisillo Contepomi: :-)
[12:12]  Justin Clark-Casey: I'll see you folks around
[12:12]  Penny Lane: /clap
[12:12]  BlueWall Slade: bye jcc
[12:12]  Luisillo Contepomi: bye
[12:12]  Sarah Kline: byes
[12:12]  Richardus Raymaker: bye justin
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