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[09:53] Lani Global is Online
[09:53] Master Dubrovna: Hi Neb
[09:53] Nebadon Izumi: hello
[09:54] Nebadon Izumi: wierd the chairs are screwed up
[09:54] Master Dubrovna: kinda
[09:54] Master Dubrovna: new couch?
[09:54] Nebadon Izumi: oh there you go
[09:54] Nebadon Izumi: no
[09:54] Nebadon Izumi: must have just been slow
[09:54] Master Dubrovna: ah OK
[09:54] Nebadon Izumi: ya seems to be working now
[09:54] Master Dubrovna: yes
[09:54] Master Dubrovna: looks good
[09:55] Master Dubrovna: Is that one vacant storefront here available?
[09:55] Nebadon Izumi: sure
[09:55] Master Dubrovna: cool
[09:55] Master Dubrovna: Patch and I would like to use it
[09:55] Nebadon Izumi: ok
[09:55] Master Dubrovna: She is starting to build again
[09:55] Nebadon Izumi: let me set it up
[09:55] Master Dubrovna: thanks
[09:55] Entering god mode, level 255
[09:56] Nebadon Izumi: ok its set for sale to you for 0L
[09:56] Master Dubrovna: OK Thanks
[09:56] Master Dubrovna: I will get it
[09:56] Nebadon Izumi: cool :)
[09:56] Richardus Raymaker: hi nebadon
[09:56] Nebadon Izumi: hello
[09:56] Richardus Raymaker: hous emore clean ?
[09:57] Nebadon Izumi: heh its getting there
[09:57] Nebadon Izumi: i cant wait to be done
[09:57] Master Dubrovna: Hi Rich
[09:59] Richardus Raymaker: hello master
[09:59] Nebadon Izumi: brb afk a few minutes
[09:59] Master Dubrovna: kk
[10:00] Master Dubrovna: You using the weekly Imprudence version rich?
[10:00] Richardus Raymaker: no not atm. still at beta5
[10:00] Master Dubrovna: ah OK
[10:00] Justin Clark-Casey is Online
[10:00] Master Dubrovna: so far so good with it
[10:01] Richardus Raymaker: not found time to switch. where woring on voice. not thats up i can try newer imprudence
[10:01] Master Dubrovna: Hows voice coming?
[10:01] Richardus Raymaker: is works perfect (freeswitch 1.0.6)
[10:01] Master Dubrovna: cool
[10:01] Justin Clark-Casey: hi folks
[10:01] Master Dubrovna: Hi
[10:01] Justin Clark-Casey: nice video
[10:01] Richardus Raymaker: hi Justin
[10:02] Nebadon Izumi: back, hey Justin
[10:03] Nebadon Izumi: Justin whatever you did to IAR last night
[10:03] Nebadon Izumi: fixed Simiangrid issues for not only me but dj_phil also confirmed its fixed
[10:03] Nebadon Izumi: it wasnt working for him either
[10:03] Justin Clark-Casey: wow, the delay in pumpting all that crap out to the log must have been the factor
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: ya must have been it was an amazing amount of spew
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: it makes a lot more sense now
[10:04] Justin Clark-Casey: good
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: it was sorta scary to see all that spew and errors
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: it seems to go alot faster now
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: probably 20-30% faster
[10:04] Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, writing out to the log does actually take some significant time
[10:05] Justin Clark-Casey: I wish we had more log levels but we don't :)
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: i was also wondering
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: it seems to be checking for the original owner of the IAR
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: for 10-20 minutes
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: is it not caching that data?
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: is it checking the user server everytime?
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: i think this is the bulk of load IAR time
[10:05] Justin Clark-Casey: Those checks should be being cached by the user service layer
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: what if the user doesnt exist?
[10:06] Nebadon Izumi: is that cached?
[10:06] Justin Clark-Casey: it's possible that the user service isn't caching that... hmm
[10:06] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:06] Nebadon Izumi: in all my test cases the user doesnt exist
[10:06] Nebadon Izumi: i was wonder if we could some how cache that info
[10:06] Nebadon Izumi: and say dont even bother checking
[10:06] Nebadon Izumi: i suspect that would speed up Load iar by 60-70%
[10:06] Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, that would be the sensible thing
[10:06] Justin Clark-Casey: I'll put it on my long list, but you might also want to mention it to diva
[10:07] Nebadon Izumi: ok, she has worked on IAR?
[10:07] Nebadon Izumi: i didnt realize that
[10:07] Justin Clark-Casey: she worked on the caching
[10:07] Nebadon Izumi: oh ok
[10:07] Richardus Raymaker: is iar working now under linux. not tried it anymore since last error
[10:07] Nebadon Izumi: yes
[10:07] Justin Clark-Casey: it should be working, thuogh there are some basic bugs
[10:07] Justin Clark-Casey: I hope to get some time to address these towards the end of this week
[10:08] Justin Clark-Casey: just ran across some of them myself today :)
[10:08] Justin Clark-Casey: stupid programmers can't get their code right :)
[10:08] Nebadon Izumi: rofl
[10:08] Nebadon Izumi: im posting a new 0.6.9-post-fixes release on OSgrid right now
[10:08] Nebadon Izumi: on master post-fixes
[10:09] Justin Clark-Casey: how are things looking with 0.6.9-post-fixes generally?
[10:09] Richardus Raymaker: ok.
[10:09] Master Dubrovna: very good
[10:09] Master Dubrovna: Thanks Neb
[10:10] Lani Global is Offline
[10:10] kikie LEE: oops
[10:11] Nebadon Izumi: ya i think its been pretty good Justin
[10:11] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim 0.6.9 (Post_Fixes) c7a2e1b: 2010-07-08 10:17:28 -0700 (Unix/Mono)
[10:11] Justin Clark-Casey: I think I will do a shortly after 0.7 is out the door
[10:11] Master Dubrovna: I have not had to restart the server for quite some time
[10:11] kikie LEE: I a lost
[10:12] kikie LEE: oooohhhhh
[10:12] kikie LEE: lost
[10:12] Nebadon Izumi: ya uptimes have been as good as ever on the plazas
[10:12] Lani Global is Online
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: i think melanie is redoing inventory perms
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: you might want to wait until thats done for backporting Justin
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: if its even possible
[10:13] Richardus Raymaker: aha, nice. something weird is in the inventory perms. hope meanie add 1 extra perm
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: we found some issues with that today
[10:13] Justin Clark-Casey: I doubt I'll be backporting that
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: no doubt it would benefit 0.6.9 to have these fixes if it is like i said possible
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: ok
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: the problem does exist here unfortunatly, but im not really sure how much longer we'll be on 0.6.9
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: hopefully not too much longer
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: we kind of put it off until after OSG3B
[10:14] Penny Lane is Online
[10:14] Justin Clark-Casey: yeah, backporting takes effort and I unfortunately I can often only justify it if I it's a direct issue for what I need to do
[10:15] Justin Clark-Casey: and anyway, sometimes it's better to not do too much in order to preserve stability
[10:15] Richardus Raymaker: i thoink just test it on 0.7 dotn backport it. it creates maby more problems then it fixes
[10:15] kikie LEE: heehee
[10:15] Richardus Raymaker: hehe. if i type i cant read :)
[10:15] Nebadon Izumi: ya no worries
[10:15] Richardus Raymaker: i dont expect 0.8 befre end of juli
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: its possible melanie might even do it or someone else
[10:16] Justin Clark-Casey: yes
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: i just wanted to mention it as a possibility really, no worries if your not interested
[10:16] Richardus Raymaker: oops i mean 0.7
[10:16] Justin Clark-Casey: sure, no problem
[10:16] Richardus Raymaker: wel sometimes objects seems to get no perms and then you need to ask again
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: the problem seems to be if you set permissions in invenotory
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: then pass that item to someone else
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: the perms are lost
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: likely same thing happens with scripts etc dropped into prims
[10:17] Richardus Raymaker: aha. oh. but some thing you can only set in inventory
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: if thier perms are set in inventory then rezzed after passed
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: the permissions are lost
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: and the item becomes no permissions at all
[10:17] Richardus Raymaker: i think we talk about the same problem nebadon
[10:17] Richardus Raymaker: yes
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: but melanie is working out a fix now
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: she said it was a real mess
[10:18] Richardus Raymaker: thats a bug for a long long time
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: ya i had no idea until today
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: i had seen wierd perms issues but never put 2 and 2 together
[10:18] Richardus Raymaker: but nobody figured out if it where a bug
[10:18] Justin Clark-Casey: there are still big areas like that
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: new version is posted on website if anyone is interested in upgrading
[10:19] Luisillo Contepomi: hi all
[10:19] Luisillo Contepomi: hola a todos
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: hello
[10:19] Justin Clark-Casey: hi luisillo
[10:19] Justin Clark-Casey: nebadon: how are things on osgrid?
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: things have been good, were slowly working towards migrating
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: we had some hardware setbacks
[10:19] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim 0.6.9 (Post_Fixes) c7a2e1b: 2010-07-08 10:17:28 -0700 (Unix/Mono)
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: we ordered raid adapters for our 1U Intel Rack servers
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: but apparantly we ordered the wrong Riser boards
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: then we had a really hard time finding the proper ones
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: we finally found some on ebay
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: but we just got them ordered today
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: and likely wont have them for a few more days
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: thats sorta slowed us down a bit on things we wanted to do
[10:21] Master Dubrovna: How are the funds doing? Donations still coming in?
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: yes
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: still coming in pretty regularly
[10:21] Justin Clark-Casey: nice
[10:21] Richardus Raymaker: what where wrong with old raid ?
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: i know daves been working on some expense stuff and intended to post updates on the website about donations
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: we use software raid right now
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: we ordered really bad ass hardware raid adapters
[10:21] Richardus Raymaker: aha. ok
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: but when dave went to the data center to install it
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: it wasnt until we had everything ripped appart we realized the risers were wrong
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: so it was a big set back
[10:23] koggala benelli: hi Richardus
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: we were planning on doing some major hardware shifting once that was complete
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: which is a set back for the website upgrade
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: and other things we were moving around
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: but hopefully we will have the Raid thing worked out in the next few weeks
[10:23] Richardus Raymaker: hello kogg
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: then we can move on
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: we should see significant improvement in asset services though
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: software raid really sucks
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: especially on 6TB of discs
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:24] Richardus Raymaker: are the raid adapters still common available ?
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: yea
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: let me get link 1 sec
[10:24] Richardus Raymaker: thats my nightmare with hardware raid. not compatible with other controllers
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi:
[10:25] Dahlia Trimble: hi :)
[10:25] Justin Clark-Casey: hi dahlia
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: hello Dahlia
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: we will have 2 of these adapters
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: one for each server
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: 4 x 2tb drives on each
[10:26] Richardus Raymaker: hi dahlia
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: we would already have it installed if the risers would have fit, sucks
[10:26] Richardus Raymaker: oh cool sas adapter. are the hdd's sas or sata ?
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: its both
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi whispers: it does SAS or SATA
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: we have SATA
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: sas drive must be very good.
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: aha
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: depends
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: nice thing about SAS is they go up to 15000 RPM
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: what i know is that sas can do synchroon actions and sata not
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: where SATA is max 10000 RPM
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: but SAS is expensive
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: 6tb of SAS is like 10,000$
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: lol
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: yes. thats the problem
[10:28] Richardus Raymaker: but the are made for work like this
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: ya SATA is just as good
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: just not as much performance
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: SATA at 7200 RPM will last a lot longer than 15k SAS do
[10:28] Justin Clark-Casey: quiet today
[10:29] Richardus Raymaker: can the hardware manufacture not donate a few :)
[10:29] Nebadon Izumi: ya the whole project has been pretty quiet lately
[10:29] Justin Clark-Casey: I guess it is summer
[10:29] Nebadon Izumi: maybe a testament to how well its actually running
[10:29] Nebadon Izumi: i would hope
[10:29] Justin Clark-Casey: ha ha
[10:29] Nebadon Izumi: ya that too
[10:29] Nebadon Izumi: probably a mix of the two
[10:29] Nebadon Izumi: I think for the bulk of users its running better than it ever has
[10:30] Nebadon Izumi: unless your like me with 3gb of inventory
[10:30] Nebadon Izumi: lol
[10:30] Justin Clark-Casey: true, but that's really still not saying much
[10:30] Nebadon Izumi: and you like to intentionally break things
[10:30] Nebadon Izumi: but ya mostly summer
[10:30] Nebadon Izumi: everyone is probably out enjoying themselves while they can
[10:30] Justin Clark-Casey: yes - it's raining here in the uk though
[10:30] Richardus Raymaker: i just dropped 1000 textures out of my inventory. dont see it grow :O
[10:31] Nebadon Izumi: ya i could probably stand to drop about 10,000 textures
[10:31] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:31] Region Showcase Kiosk: Received 31 regions from database.
[10:31] Richardus Raymaker: i just put them in a box in my warehouse storage
[10:32] Nebadon Izumi: i probably have 1000's of dupes
[10:32] Nebadon Izumi: i know i have atleast 5 or 6 copies of Arizona Bay an DeathRace
[10:32] Nebadon Izumi: 1 copy of deathrace is 1500 textures
[10:32] Nebadon Izumi: Arizona bay is like 800
[10:33] Nebadon Izumi: but i figure its good to keep my inventory fat
[10:33] Nebadon Izumi: its a good test
[10:33] Nebadon Izumi: if i get to the point i become completley non-functional then i do cleaning
[10:33] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:34] Richardus Raymaker: yes.
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: oh
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: ive been Testing MariaDB
[10:34] Dahlia Trimble: is deathrace still up?
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: infact all my regions now are running MariaDB
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: yes Dahlia
[10:34] Richardus Raymaker: oh. then your faster then me. but i have voice
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: deathrace2025 is the region name
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: OSG3B regions are running from MariaDB, so far its been great
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: its definatly no worse than MySQL, and might even be a bit better, faster
[10:35] Dahlia Trimble: cool, I was telling a friend about the sculpted terrain but I didnt know if it was still online
[10:35] Nebadon Izumi: its got a lot of bug fixes and optimizations that Sun and Oracle are ignoring
[10:35] Nebadon Izumi: ya if you want i can send you the OAR too
[10:35] Nebadon Izumi:
[10:35] Nebadon Izumi: it has some racers included in the OAR also
[10:35] Richardus Raymaker: good news nebadon. its on my list
[10:35] Dahlia Trimble: ty :)
[10:36] Dahlia Trimble: how big is the megaregion?
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: 3x3
[10:36] Dahlia Trimble: oh it says 3x3 lol
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: also for Linux users, you want to check with your particular Linux of choice and check to see if MySQL is being dropped
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: Novell has announced that SuSe 11.3 which is due out tommorow or next day
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: will not have MySQL support
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: only MariaDB will be available via their repos
[10:37] Richardus Raymaker: thats other good news nebadon.
[10:37] Richardus Raymaker: hope desktop is better
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: i have a feeling Red Hat/ Fedora and Centos are following suite
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: no one wants to deal with Oracle
[10:38] Nebadon Izumi: but the good news is, in suse changing over to Maria is cake
[10:38] sonyeke Lane: hi
[10:38] Nebadon Izumi: when you uninstall MySQL from yast
[10:38] Nebadon Izumi: it leaves the database structure intact
[10:38] Justin Clark-Casey: do you have a link? All I see is a page saying they still have mysql but renamed the package
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: so when you add the unstable repo and install MariaDB from yast
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: it automaticlly picks up the MYSQL databases and imports them in
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: it could not have been any easier to switch over
[10:39] Richardus Raymaker: and phpmyadmin dont need any change ?
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: right
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: though you might have trouble with the socket in PHP
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: but its also easy fix
[10:39] sonyeke Lane: one questions .. i need help..
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: just a matter of fixing the php configs
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: to look at proper socket
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: i only had 1 of 3 servers do that
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: it was suse 11.1 server
[10:40] Nebadon Izumi: my 11.2 servers had zero issues
[10:40] Richardus Raymaker: oh. 1 still runs on 11.1 but i thoink 11.2 is available
[10:40] Nebadon Izumi: you can dist upgrade
[10:40] Nebadon Izumi: without reloading
[10:40] Nebadon Izumi: its supeer easy
[10:40] Nebadon Izumi: 1 sec
[10:40] Richardus Raymaker: ill wait when i upgrade the server. test it at home first
[10:40] sonyeke Lane: tk for nothing
[10:42] Richardus Raymaker: must see if the hosting supports that
[10:42] Nebadon Izumi: lol Sonyeke you didnt even ask a question we cant read minds
[10:42] Richardus Raymaker: but your right. forgot that option
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: ya i just did this on my box i rent
[10:43] Justin Clark-Casey: haven't seen mr stallings around recently
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: i was running 11.1 and did a dist upgrade to 11.2 it went perfectly
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: hit no snags
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: he has been on IRC
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: ive not seen him in world for a while
[10:44] Justin Clark-Casey: ah ok
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: I think hes been working with Adam a bit
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: who is also MIA most of the time
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: lol
[10:44] Justin Clark-Casey: still working on his indian vw?
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: not sure honestly
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: i havent spoken to adam in ages
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: in the past 6 months i think we spoke 3-4 times maybe
[10:45] Justin Clark-Casey: ah ok :)
[10:45] Nebadon Izumi: i heard he was working on some project in India but i have no idea what it even is
[10:45] Dahlia Trimble: there was some chinese virtual world thing he was involved with
[10:45] Aramis Soren: hi all.. my hair will be along shortly lol
[10:46] Nebadon Izumi: ya i havent seen anything he was doing yet
[10:46] Nebadon Izumi: hehe hello Aramis
[10:47] Nebadon Izumi: well I am just about done with my RL move, so i should be around alot more after another day or so
[10:47] Justin Clark-Casey: hello aramis
[10:47] Nebadon Izumi: id like to schedule some kind of load test later this week for OSG3B simulator, i'll post some details on news when im ready
[10:47] Richardus Raymaker: hi aramis
[10:47] Aramis Soren: hi hi
[10:47] Justin Clark-Casey: when is osg3b?
[10:47] Nebadon Izumi: but i should be able to do alot more testing too
[10:47] Nebadon Izumi: July 22-26
[10:47] Dahlia Trimble: on news?
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: which will show on the login screen also
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: i'll tweet too
[10:48] Dahlia Trimble: IRC too
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: i'll plaster it around
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: it like to get atleast 50 people in
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: im skeptical we'll get more than 50
[10:48] Penny Lane: Group chat seems to be broken for the AW Groupies channel here, not even getting an echo back. And the bridge to IRC+SL is only working downstream, can't write from here.
[10:48] Nebadon Izumi: but hopefully im wrong
[10:49] Nebadon Izumi: ya we need to figure that out
[10:49] Richardus Raymaker: hi penny
[10:49] Nebadon Izumi: i need to hunt down Mcortez
[10:49] Penny Lane: Hi Rich :-)
[10:49] Richardus Raymaker: group chat is broken for many. it seems only older created groups work
[10:49] Nebadon Izumi: i'll try to send him an email later today
[10:49] Dahlia Trimble: Penny, yes, seems you can only reply from my "D Squared" region
[10:49] Nebadon Izumi: ya its wierd i have some new groups that work
[10:49] Richardus Raymaker: besides the lag it creates
[10:49] Nebadon Izumi: ya we probably wont get around the lag anytime soon
[10:49] Richardus Raymaker: is group not running its own thread ?
[10:49] Misterblue Waves: my testing has 0.6.8 topping out around 50.
[10:49] Nebadon Izumi: but we should be able to get it working
[10:49] Penny Lane: That's odd, Dahlia
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: i just need to get mcortez involved i havent seen him in a while though
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: now i have more time i can try to get in touch
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: if anyone else wants to ask him as well
[10:50] Dahlia Trimble: I thought it was working at one time but now seems borked somewhat
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: ya it almost seems to randmly work and not
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: though certain groups never work
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: very odd
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: yet groups like Love and Peace with 600+ users work fine
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: very strange
[10:51] Aramis Soren: plazas are now on mariaDB you said nebadon?
[10:51] Richardus Raymaker: yes. but groups i created. i cannot chat
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: no Aramis just OSG3B
[10:52] Aramis Soren: ok
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: none of the Plazas yet
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: though i would like too
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: needs more testing though
[10:52] Aramis Soren: hopefully will work the same for you
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: you can visit any of my regions though
[10:52] Dorothea Lundquist is Offline
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: all of my persoanl regions are on MariaDB
[10:52] Dahlia Trimble: regular mysql connection strings work with mariadb?
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: yes Dahlia
[10:52] Richardus Raymaker: how's memory usage with mariadb ?
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: its basiclly 1:1 with mysql
[10:52] Dahlia Trimble: cool :)
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: seems good Richardus
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: so far i have no complaints
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: ive seen no decline at all
[10:53] Aramis Soren: will have to check it out, maybe when i reinstall slackware
[10:53] Dahlia Trimble: is it the same code?
[10:53] Master Dubrovna: and it will automatically import regular MySQL databases?
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: its a fork of MYSQL yes
[10:53] Richardus Raymaker: whoo, a slackware user. the are rare
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: but they applied dozens of patches and optimizations that Sun and Oracle haev been ignoring for a year
[10:53] Aramis Soren: hehe nothing but net
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: so its a bit more advanced than standard mysql
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: but the commands are the same
[10:54] Nebadon Izumi: you can even use the MySQL GUI and phpMyAdmin
[10:54] Aramis Soren: nice
[10:54] Master Dubrovna: nice
[10:54] Nebadon Izumi: ya i even connected with mysql command line from a differnt machine
[10:54] Dahlia Trimble: I struggle with basic mysql commands, I'm no power user by any means
[10:54] Nebadon Izumi: ya you would likely not even know it was not mysql
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: except for the MariDB prompt
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: instead of MySQL
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: it still uses mysqld for deamon launch executable
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: as well as mysql for command line connection
[10:56] Master Dubrovna: Are you using the 5.1.47 version?
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: yes
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: i have some repos for various linux flavs
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: 1 sec
[10:57] Aramis Soren: got it here
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi:
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: yes
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: thats it Aramis
[10:57] Dahlia Trimble: so if I have mysql databases now could I just use them with mariadb or would I need to reload them or something?
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: that URL has RHEL CENTOS
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: oh and Mandriva
[10:58] Master Dubrovna: I wonder that too, Dahila
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: yes
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: it reads the same data structure as well
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: infact when you uninstall mysql from yast
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: it leaves your mysql databases intact
[10:58] UUID Speaker: John Howard: a4b3d490-f4a8-2242-5194-88de67b3dd1a
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: then when you install MariaDB it automaticlly importes them
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: when you start it for the 1st time
[10:58] Richardus Raymaker: something else. not sure if its opensim or viewer side. with voice it tryes to connect every n second (chat spam) if you enter a non voice region. does opensim not signal the client or ?
[10:59] Justin Clark-Casey: in the viewer log?
[10:59] Dahlia Trimble: I'm more or less a debian user. Not for the politics, I've just used it for ages
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: ya im sure its not nearly as easy in debian Dahlia
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: but you might check with dave he is the Debian Repo master
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: he can probably find you either a repo or .deb for maria
[10:59] Dahlia Trimble: coyled?
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[11:00] Dahlia Trimble: cool
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: so far im very happy with the ease of switching over though
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: it really couldnt have been any easier on Suse
[11:00] Master Dubrovna: Any issues with the windows version that you know of?
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: on one server i installed it myself
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: not from the repos
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: and i ran into an issue with the socket
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: you may have to adjust PHP to use differnt socket
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: but other than that no snags
[11:01] Richardus Raymaker: suse works fine
[11:01] Richardus Raymaker: the php part i need to look at.
[11:01] Dahlia Trimble: so far I've had really good luck with mysql but it probably would help to get more people using other databases
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: ya i initially just wanted to test it to see how well it worked
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: but then when i learned that Novell is dropping support completlely
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: i figured i better learn how do use MariaDB
[11:02] Richardus Raymaker: i hear so many people with problems and sqlite
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: ya well sqlite is ok for small standalone regions
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: if your just testing/learning opensim
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: but if you want to do anything really serious, its not an option
[11:03] Dahlia Trimble: sqlite seems to work ok for windows
[11:03] Richardus Raymaker: and still i know someone that use it with very much prims. i think she not changed
[11:03] Richardus Raymaker: aha, she uses windows
[11:03] Nebadon Izumi: ya some people it wont be a problem
[11:03] Nebadon Izumi: i think if your expecting 30-50 users on a sim though sqlite wont cut it
[11:03] Nebadon Izumi: another thing i dont like about sqlite is it locks the DB file
[11:04] Nebadon Izumi: so you have to down the sim to inspect the data
[11:04] Dahlia Trimble: sqlite is really slow tho, not good when building
[11:04] Aramis Soren: problems with sqlite started 5k-8k prims, after that was unusable with 2 people
[11:04] Justin Clark-Casey: I do wonder if sqlite does more harm than good, sometimes
[11:04] Nebadon Izumi: that sounds about right Aramais
[11:04] Nebadon Izumi: we changed this Plaza to MysQL around 7000 prims
[11:04] Nebadon Izumi: beleive it or not this plaza ran sqlite for well over then 1st year
[11:04] Aramis Soren: ah didn't know you ever had it sqlite
[11:05] Nebadon Izumi: it wasnt until our population started growing it really became an issue
[11:05] Nebadon Izumi: the plazas get hammered though
[11:05] Nebadon Izumi: we sometimes get 100+ users an hour
[11:05] Nebadon Izumi: not concurnet but within an hour its not unusual for 50-100 people to come and go
[11:06] Penny Lane: Is the SQL code localized in just one DB interface module, or spread throughout the back-end storage code?
[11:06] Justin Clark-Casey: chatting?
[11:06] Justin Clark-Casey: penny: one db module
[11:06] Penny Lane: Coolness. Tnx Justin
[11:06] Nebadon Izumi: all sorts of stuff i think this region most people come for the freebies
[11:06] Nebadon Izumi: Lbsa is the chat box
[11:06] Richardus Raymaker: then mariadb must be much betetr for plaza
[11:07] Nebadon Izumi: i imagine all the well known freebie spots really get pounded hard
[11:07] Nebadon Izumi: like Samsara
[11:07] Dahlia Trimble: lunch time for me, bye all :)
[11:07] Richardus Raymaker: bye dahlia
[11:07] Nebadon Izumi: kk Dahlia, thanks for coming
[11:07] Penny Lane: Cyu Dahlia :-)
[11:07] Richardus Raymaker: preparing for the bigger hits..
[11:07] Nebadon Izumi: i should probably get running here too, i need to run back to my old house for one more trip
[11:08] Nebadon Izumi: anyone else have anything they want to say before we go?
[11:08] Aramis Soren: ok later all
[11:08] Nebadon Izumi: k thanks for coming everyone, keep an eye out for oSG3B load tests laster this week
[11:08] Richardus Raymaker: why is opensim not tell the voice server you leave a regioname happens sometimes with audio stream. it dont stop
[11:08] Nebadon Izumi whispers: anyone needs me you know where to find me :)
[11:08] Justin Clark-Casey: ok, bye folks
[11:08] Aramis Soren: will do neb
[11:09] Richardus Raymaker: bye JCC
[11:09] Penny Lane: Thanks Neb, have fun :-)
[11:09] Penny Lane: Cyu Justin :-)
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: not sure Richardus, its something with teleport / border crossing
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: not updating
[11:09] Misterblue Waves: bye all
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: its likely because regions without voice
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: do not send out an update
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: so you stay connected to the originating sims voice service
[11:09] Penny Lane: Cyu Misterblue
[11:09] Justin Clark-Casey is Offline
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: i would consider that a bug
[11:09] Nebadon Izumi: worthy of mantis if there is not one
[11:09] Richardus Raymaker: aha. so its a bug in opensim ?
[11:10] Nebadon Izumi: i would say yes
[11:10] Nebadon Izumi: though needs more exploring
[11:10] Richardus Raymaker: yes.
[11:10] Nebadon Izumi: i wouldnt hesitate to mantis it though
[11:10] Nebadon Izumi: either way we gotta figure out why
[11:10] Nebadon Izumi: its probably a server side issue though
[11:10] Nebadon Izumi: i think similar things happen when you teleport to a region with no media URL set
[11:11] Nebadon Izumi: you can somtimes cary the media URLs from the pervious sims
[11:11] Nebadon Izumi: even somtimes parcel descriptions and names
[11:11] Nebadon Izumi: it could all be related
[11:11] Nebadon Izumi: were just missing updates on occasion for some reason
[11:11] Richardus Raymaker: ok. its all i have seen and heared
[11:11] Richardus Raymaker: maby its with older region versions.
[11:11] Nebadon Izumi: ya it could be that too
[11:11] Richardus Raymaker: i think best to see how 0.7 works
[11:12] Nebadon Izumi: teleporting from new sim to older sims code
[11:12] Nebadon Izumi: could be 1 sim was just misbehaving needs a kick
[11:12] Nebadon Izumi: probably all kinds of reasons
[11:12] Nebadon Izumi: ok guys i gotta run, i'll be back in a few hours on IRC
[11:12] Master Dubrovna: See ya Neb
[11:12] Nebadon Izumi: thanks for coming all :) see you soon
[11:12] Penny Lane: Cyu Neb
[11:12] Patch Ferber: bye Neb

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