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# Run the resulting "compile.bat" file.
# Run the resulting "compile.bat" file.
== Linux ==
== Linux and Other Mono Platforms ==
=== Prepare to compile ===
=== Prepare to compile ===

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This page covers building OpenSimulator from source code on multiple platforms. Please help us keep this page up to date as the project progresses. If you just want to run OpenSimulator, Download and run the binary build instead. In the most cases, you should be fine with binaries.


Obtaining the Source Code

Check out the Download page for instructions on obtaining an OpenSimulator source release. If you want the current development code (i.e. the Git master branch) see Developer_Documentation#Source_Code_Repository_Access.


Although this page is long, building is generally quite simple. See the BUILDING.txt file in the distribution itself for simplified instructions.


OpenSimulator 0.8.x and 0.9.0.x requires either

You may also need nant tool.

OpenSimulator 0.9.1 requires either

Other platforms may have own mono distributions, or may need to compile mono on them.

Other libraries used by OpenSimulator can be found at our opensim-libs git repo.

git clone git://

You may need to compile them for your platform, in particular the unmanaged ones like Bullet or ODE native code libraries

MS Windows

Supported Compilers

Any version that does support the .Net version can be used. For example for opensimulator versions prior to 0.9.1, VS2010 can be used.

Compiling in an IDE

  1. Run "runprebuild.bat"
  2. Open the resulting "OpenSim.sln" in Visual Studio IDE.
  3. Select Debug or Release configuration
  4. Build (or Debug) -> Build Solution.

Compiling at the Command Prompt

  1. Run "runprebuild.bat".
  2. Run the resulting "compile.bat" file.

Linux and Other Mono Platforms

Prepare to compile

To create the several project files run on the folder opensim:


Compile with Nant

On some mono versions, in particular old ones just run:


Compile with xbuild

Other mono versions prefer xbuild.


Compile with msbuild

For Opensim 0.9.1 you can still use xbuild but Mono recommends the use of msbuild. Use xbuild on the other cases.



See Configuration.

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