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Reporting bugs to us helps us fix problems with OpenSim and find areas of the codebase that we need to improve. You can also submit patches to us through our bug tracker as an attachment.

Steps for reporting a bug

  1. Visit [1] and search to see if your bug already exists. If it does, please add a note with any technical assistance such as steps to reproduce, symptoms, etc.
  2. A good bug report has the following properties
    1. Succinct and to the point, IE: "Duplicating a primitive while sitting on it, crashes the region.".
    2. Contains as much debug information as possible, if OpenSim threw an error before crashing it, a copy of this error is helpful. If not, pasting the last 50 lines from your opensim.log when appropriate is also potentially helpful.
    3. If you can reproduce the bug, steps to reproducing it is a must.
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