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Basic Idea

To enable user avatar travel from a grid service to another grid service, There are 2 problem to be considered:

  1. How to enable foreign user login - Authentication
  2. How to get a foreign user's belongings(including appearance, inventory)

To achieve the 1st, client side changes are needed. SO, so far, I have only implemented 2nd, and would like to explan my idea:


not prepared yet

Avatar Portability

In "users" table, "UserInventoryURL" and "UserAssetURL" have been there for a long time, and they are not used yet. My idea starts from the 2 properties;

Avatar portability 1.PNG

U1 is an user of GridService G1, so probably, U1's "UserInventoryURL" and "UserAssetURL" are pointing to G1's default Inventory/Asset server.

R1 is a regionserver in GridService G2, so R1 used to fetch assets from G2's default Asset server.



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