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This is a stub page for the experimental autobackup module that has been included with OpenSimulator since 0.7.6. This module aims to regularly save region archives for backup or archive purposes. Over time, working documentation needs to be transferred here. In the meantime, please see the Feature Proposals/AutoBackup page.


Settings can be configured either in OpenSim.ini or associated simulator-wide config files (to affect backup of all regions on the simulator) or per region in the Regions.ini files. The same settings are used in each file.

For most settings, please currently refer to the Feature Proposals/AutoBackup page.

Settings added since OpenSimulator 0.8


Set as

AutoBackupSkipAssets = true|false

This governs whether OARs are generated containing assets. It can be very useful to set this to true if you are backing up the asset service database by other means. Otherwise, the generated archives may take up a very large amount of space as each will require their own copy of every asset referenced by the region.

Default setting is false.

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