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The auth table contains user authentication information. It holds an encrypted version of the password used by a user to login to OpenSimulator.

auth Table Structure

The current structure of the auth table is as follows:

Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra
UUID char(36) utf8_general_ci No None
passwordHash char(36) utf8_general_ci No
passwordSalt char(32) utf8_general_ci No
webLoginKey varchar(255) utf8_general_ci No
accountType varchar(32) utf8_general_ci No UserAccount

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Auth Fields

UUID of an avatar
An MD5 hash of the users password and the salt string.
The hash is calculated as follows: md5(md5("password") + ":" + passwordSalt)
A string used in the encryption of the password
Used in SLURL where The Grid Can Start a Session and Login the User from the Web, then the User Goes to a secondlife:// link that opens the viewer and bypasses the wait time for the User as everything got prepared beforehand(except for the Graphics) ** THIS MAY NOT BE CORRECT, BUT IT WHAT WAS LEARNED FROM SECOND LIFE WIKI** (References on the Second Life wiki: Python script from 2007/8, PHP5 script from 2008)
A string that can be used to distinguish different types of avatar accounts

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