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Release Notes


Welcome to OpenSimulator 0.7.2. Despite being a point number upgrade, this is actually quite a major release, incorporating a large number of fixes and improvements made since the release of OpenSimulator The major changes are listed in the sections below. In particular, this release incorporates experimental support for meshes as used by the latest version 3 Linden Lab viewers.

As ever, OpenSimulator is a highly complex piece of alpha software. It's likely but not guaranteed to work and various usage scenarios (standalone, grid, hypergrid, etc.) in combination with different dependencies (e.g. different versions of mono on Linux/Mac) can produce unexpected or unstable behaviour. If it breaks you get to keep both pieces.

If you are upgrading from a version prior to 0.7.x, make sure to read the 0.7 Release notes. There have been extensive changes in OpenSimulator from 0.6.x to 0.7.

When you are upgrading, we strongly recommend that you start off with the default configuration files and port over any changes you made to your older version of OpenSimulator.

As this is a wiki page, please feel free to update it with more information about migration or other issues as and when these come to light.

You can download OpenSimulator 0.7.2 from the downloads page.

Known issues

  • Sometimes creating body parts or clothing fails with no error message. This is not consistent - work around is simply to try again.
  • In a stock Linden Lab viewer 2/3, various tabs and buttons will point back to the Linden Lab website. In particular, the profile data will try to fetch from the Linden Lab website. It's not known currently how/whether this can be changed in the stock viewer.
  • In viewer 2/3, an avatar will appear to slide for a short while before the walking animation kicks in.
  • No form of prim equivalence is implemented for meshes.
  • Loading scripts from the simulator library does not work properly.
  • Multiple attachments on a single attachment point not supported. However, in viewers which do support multiple attachments, the enforcing of a single attachment on the simulator end should be much smoother.


OpenSimulator requires:

  • .NET Framework 3.5 when running under Windows.
  • At least Mono 2.4.3 when running under Mono (Linux or Mac). Mono 2.6.x and Mono 2.10.x onwards work well. Mono 2.8.x versions are reported as less stable in some situations.
  • Installation of the Nant build tool if building from source. Alternatively, the source can also be built using Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition under Windows or the xbuild tool shipped with Mono.

Backwards Compatibility Notices

  • Due to a libomv bug fix, teleports in this release are incompatible with OpenSimulator and earlier. This affects primarily Hypergrid teleports, since simulators within the same grid tend to be all in the same version. Teleports to OpenSimulator 0.7.1 and should work.



  • Hypergrid friends, landmarks, lures and instant messages support added. Please bear in mind this is experimental (as is the hypergrid in general) and may not always work. This should be compatible with the Hypergrid found in OpenSimulator 0.7.1 and
  • Issue fixed where the creator and owner of all prims created by foreign users was shown as "Unknown User".
  • Tell the user if a teleport fails because it is over the 4095 region co-ordinate limit.


  • Added ability to filter viewers allowed through the login service depending on the viewer string given. See entries in [GatekeeperService] section of config-include/*.ini files for more details.
  • Asset service now has "dump asset" command to dump any asset to the filesystem, given its UUID.
  • General support for HTTP in ROBUST services and the simulator, and support for llRequestSecureURL(). See this blog post for more details.
  • XML characters are now properly escaped in GridInfo gields.
  • Redirection to fallback regions for avatar login improved.
  • "show account" user service command added to show a user's account details.
  • "set user level" user service command added to change a user's level. The level governs whether a user has god status.
  • Login service can now tell viewers to use a different currency name.

General Simulator

  • Mesh implemented experimentally as seen in latest Linden Lab version 3 viewers. This includes upload. Not all aspects of this work, prim equivalence is not implemented, and if you want a physics proxy you need to select a high level of detail on the physics tab.
  • Agent limits implemented for regions. See Configuring Regions for more details.
  • Prim limits implemented for regions. See Configuring Regions for more details.
  • Region border crossings improved by sending all attachment data in one go rather than each attachment individually and by compressing the transfer. Also, "Inconsistent Attachment State" warning disabled - this was causing more trouble than it's worth.
  • Region data storage in MySQL changed from the InnoDB engine to the MyISAM engine. This results in a significant improvement when persisting a lot of data to the region (e.g. when loading an OAR).
  • Experimental Bullet physics module added. This works but is not yet ready for prime time. See this mailing list post for more details. Helping with testing requires you to run development code rather than this release.
  • RegionReady module fixed so that a simulator does not receive visitors until scripts has finished loading.
  • Implementation of the UDP protocol stack between the simulator and the viewer improved.
  • Undo/redo largely fixed. Some anomolies remain, notably a double undo being required after a prim size is changed.
  • Inter-simulator communication improved.
  • Object return fixed.
  • Pay prices preserved in object serializations.
  • Fixed issue where hover text could become unexpectedly green since the wrong value was used on persistence.
  • Avatar autopilot largely fixed, though some edge case bugs may remain.
  • "show region" console command now shows grid co-ordinates rather than meter co-ordinates.
  • "create region" console command no longer accepts a region UUID which is the same as that of an existing region.
  • "delete object outside" console command added that will delete objects outside the regions x and y bounds and above 10000m. Physics objects outside these boundaries can cause physics engine lag with the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) physics plugin.
  • Fix a problem where adding a script to an attachment which had no existing inventory contents would crash viewer 3.


  • Fixed bug where freshly created regions would appear all white to viewer 2/3 users logging in. A server restart would also have fixed this.


  • A user who has the right to edit a parcel's properties can now always enter that parcel.
  • Prim limits enforced for parcels.
  • Fix situation where object return to a user would crash them if they were using viewer 3.


  • Map tiles fixed for viewer 2 and for hypergrid.
  • Land sale icons now appear.
  • Regions that fail to return a map tile are now blacklisted for a given period rather than until simulator restart.


  • --noassets option added to "save oar" and "save iar" commands. This saves an archive without any assets. This is useful if you are loading the archives onto a grid where you know that all the required assets are already present (e.g. where you backing up regions and the asset database separately).
  • Sun position saved correctly in OARs.
  • Profile, merge, noassets and skip-assets options added to load/save oar on the RemoteAdmin RPC interface.
  • Sit positions now saved in OARs.
  • --perms option added to allow archives to be saved excluding objects not marked copy and/or transfer. See OpenSim Archives.


  • NPC functions largely fixed. Also, new NPC functions added. See OSSLNPC for more details.


  • Appearance updating improved. Hopefully fewer avatar clouds.
  • Attachments support improved and various fixes made (e.g. a fix for dropping attachments).
  • Appearance settings (e.g. height slider) now correctly persisted for viewer 2/3.
  • HUDs for one user no longer occasionally appear on other viewers.


  • Bug fixed where viewer 1 users with very large inventories could freeze the sim.
  • Startup time improved by only saving library asset data to the database if it's not already there.
  • Updating of the viewer's inventory fixed when they receive a given inventory item.
  • Facility added to automatically create the necessary minimum body parts/clothes to render a clothed default avatar. This is necessary for viewer 2 and 3 since they don't have a built in default avatar to display if the required body parts/clothing isn't found. This is active by default in standalone mode.


  • Gods can now see all of a user's groups. Please note that groups support still requires an external 3rd party module.

Instant Messages

  • Handing of offline Instant Messages fixed.


  • llGetLinkNumberOfSides(), llRegionSayTo() implemented.
  • llGetParcelMaxPrims() fixed.
  • llGiveInventory() fixed if the user is in another simulator or offline.
  • llSensor() fixed so that if it's in an attachment, the detection cone faces in the direction of the avatar rather than in the rotation of the attachment relative to the avatar.
  • llFindList() fixed for situations where some functions used within a list did not work properly.
  • llTextBox() fixed.
  • llGetVel() fixed on attachments to return the avatar's speed rather than zero.
  • llGetPrimitiveParams() fixed for prim hollow/hole shape return values.
  • bug fixed where setting an alpha level on a prim that was using only the default texture would fail.
  • llAttachToAvatar() fixed.
  • llGetTorque() fixed.
  • llSetPrimitiveParams() fixed.
  • osMatchString() fixed.
  • osGetPrimitiveParams() and osSetPrimitveParams() fixed.
  • osTeleportAgent() and osTeleportOwner() fixed so that they don't send the user to a similarly named sim if the named sim does not exist, or sometimes even when it does exist. These are also fixed for scripts in attachments.
  • LSL integers can now start with a leading + sign.
  • Viewer crashing issue with llDialog() boxes fixed.
  • "DeleteScriptsOnStartup" option added to [XEngine] section of OpenSimDefaults.ini. If this is set to true, scripts are deleted on restart so any changes to OpenSimulator code do not cause a problem. If this is set to false, old DLLs are used, which results in a much faster startup.


Many, many thanks to all the developers, testers and community members who contributed to this release. Your hard work makes this all possible :)

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