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Release Notes

This is a minor bug-fixing release for 0.7.

Changes from 0.7

  • Changed the way HG client verification is done: now transforming local and LAN client IPs into external IPs. This addresses some issues related to running both the user agents service and the viewer in the same machine/LAN, which then presents a problem when the user agent goes to an external network.
  • Fixed remote calls within Robust for HG.
  • Implemented console command "show hyperlinks"
  • Improved the 4096 check for grids
  • Made the 4096 check configurable
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the http server related to Accept headers. Doesn't really fix the underlying issue, this is just a hack on the code over which we have control upon
  • Small fix for child prim movement. This still doesn't address limiting link distance, but at least it makes the UI and LSL match.
  • Removed obsolete default variables from the Configger tool
  • Eliminated one opportunity for exceptions related to Animator part of SP
  • Added "SearchURL" to the [LoginService]. Some viewers now understand this
  • Enabled GridInfo service for standalones, which had been accidentally left off

Configuration Changes

  • New config var under [UserAgentService] section: GatekeeperService = "OpenSim.Services.HypergridService.dll:GatekeeperService". Requires attention from ppl running grids with Robust.HG.ini. Everyone else can ignore.
  • New config var under [GridService]: Check4096
  • New config var under [LoginService]: SearchURL
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